Jewelry Accessories Market

  • Locations: Xingzhong, Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza, International Trade City.
  • Opening hours: 09:00-17:00(GMT+08:00), 7x365, except a 15-day-closedown during Spring Festival.

You may already know that Yiwu jewelry market is the largest one in China. In fact, the jewelry
Accessories market here is even larger.

It includes three smaller markets: Xingzhong market, Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza, and E3 section of International Trade City.

It's lucky that these three markets are all close neighbors.


Xingzhong market is still an old day’s street market. Around 3,000 shops are sitting one next to another in 5 blocks. Above photo is taken from my office window.

Plastic beads, glass beads, crystal beads, acrylics, ribbons, threads... are shipped in each early morning, then shipped out to other jewelry factories in China, or delivered to Indian, Mid-east, Africa, and South America.

This market is not as "international" as Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza or International Trade City. Few overseas buyers go to this place.

But due to the low rent and long history, the price here is always a bit cheaper. The surroundings are less pleasant though.


Jinfuyuan Jewelry Plaza was built 2 years ago to meet the large demand of more jewelry and jewelry accessories booths. The 1st and 2nd floor now are nearly full. All together about 300 booths.

They are still trying hard to bring in more shops. But because of the worldwide economy turndown, they are facing more and more problems now.

I personally recommend this market. As it is new, still developing. The people inside are more hard-working. They don't have enough bad habits. Most of them deliver warm and pleasant service.

The whole surroundings are not as stuffy as International Trade City, or as crappy as Xingzhong market.


E3 section of International Trade City is the home for another 800 booths. It’s full of jewelry accessories of all kinds and specifications.

The people there are more experienced with overseas buyers.




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