Hats and Caps Market

  • Products: lady's hats, men's hats, kids' hats, dancing hats, newspaper boy's hats, clown's hats... summer hats, winter hats...all types of hats.
  • Scale: about 1,010 hats and caps suppliers.
  • Location: Street No.19-No.30, 2F, D-4, Yiwu International Trade City.
  • Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

Yiwu Hats and Caps Market Overview:

Yiwu actually started selling hats and caps as early as 1980s. As Yiwu market grew, hats and caps industry also boomed. Many factories from Wenling, Taizhou, Ningbo, Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong came to Yiwu to have their showrooms opened up since early 1990s.

Local government has encouraged more and more hats can caps traders have their own factories set up in Yiwu since 1990s. Till now, Yiwu has about 300 factories producing hats and caps, bringing in a 50,000,000 USD turnover yearly.

Nowadays, Yiwu hats and caps are facing more and more competition from Vietnam and India. They also have to face more and more restrictions and regulations from EU and USA. 

Yiwu Hats and Caps Market - Variety and Price Level:

As i said before,you can find hats and caps of most styles and types here- caps for women and men and kids, caps for summer and winter, hats for newspapers boys and dancing clowns... The prices are, generally cheap.

The prices for most of below hats are between 4.00CNY to 5.50CNY, which is about 0.60USD-0.83USD. Bur you can also find caps here are wholesaling at a price of 25.00USD.


Yiwu Hats and Caps Market - MOQ and Quality:

MOQ varies from case to case. If the hats are in stock, the MOQ can be a few dozens. But if they're not in stock, MOQ would be about a few thousands, usually per design can have more than 5 colors.

For some cheap promotional caps, if you're asking your own logo or picture to be printed/embroidered, MOQ can be more 10,000 pcs.

Quality here are for mid-end to low-end. If you're willing to pay a higher price, you usually get better quality. The factories can actually produce according to your own price.



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