Watches and Clocks Market

  • Scale: about 425 suppliers.
  • Location: G3 and G4, D2, Yiwu International Trade City. Some decorative wall clocks can also be found on 3F, D1, International trade city.
  • Opening hrs: 09:00 – 17:00, all year round except a close down during The Spring Festival.

Yiwu Watches and Clock Market In General:

Yiwu itself doesn't produce many watches and clocks, esp. expensive watches and
Clock. The watches and Clock in Yiwu market are mainly from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Fujian province. Yiwu is starting producing some new, small and cheap watches like thin silicone anion watches.

So far, Guangzhou is still the first option for high quality watches and clocks because Guangzhou has a lot fine parts manufacturers. Yiwu is strong at electronic watches, wall clocks and small clocks. Now Yiwu is the most important place in China for exporting quartz clocks.

Yiwu watches and clocks market is developing very fast. Now it's annual turnover can reach 600,000,000 USD. 80% of watches and clocks here are exported. Most of top China brands already showed up. Global top brands like Rolex also had its showrooms in Yiwu market now. 

Yiwu Watches and Clock Market - MOQ and Quality:

MOQ varies from case to case. If the products are in stock, the MOQ can be a few cases. But if they're not in stock, MOQ would be about a dozen cases. For big clocks like the tall grandfather clock, the MOQ can be just several pcs.

Quality is from low-end to high-end. But mostly low and mid-end.



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