A pair of socks priced at 400 yuan is still promising

These countries in Germany, Switzerland, the pair of high-end socks priced at 600 yuan. However, this socks, Yiwu also has “a countryside road even heard this phrase, curiosity resist moving.

  In the morning of June 3, the reporter was removed to find the source of this sock: a little-known temple Industrial Function Zone, micro-enterprise – Zhejiang Mize Hosiery Technology Co., Ltd..

  ”You produce socks? What the material is so expensive?” To reporters a series of questions, the company responsible person Zhukai Jun shallow smile, led us a pedestrian into the workshop to look at the product. “I now mainly the production of varicose veins socks. March 22, 2010, the State Food and Drug Administration socks in this category, classified as Class II Medical Device.” Zhukai Jun stroking showroom samples, talking about.

  Dalian trip led him to determine the independent research and development

  ”I was originally in the International Trade City, sales of wrist guards, knee pads, armband, protective equipment, over the years, accumulated a number of old customers. In 2008, a Middle East and old customers to the store to find varicose veins socks store, but promised his help to the market to find. “Hung Chuang say so, Yiwu is a” Hosiery city “, this sock should not be difficult to find. However, finding a half a month, or nothing.

  Hong Zhuang this told the confidant Zhu Kaijun. “I am the first batch of socks manufacturers in Yiwu, the development of the industry is familiar with. Yiwu is not it all over the country to find.” Zhukai Jun is a persistent person, he spent nearly a year, I learned in China Only three companies have such products. “Two in Shaoxing, but to the production of other medical devices mainly varicose veins socks only incidental to the production. Specializing in the production of the socks, Dalian, a Swiss owned enterprises.”

  Worked hard in the market for many years the Zhu Kaijun and Hung Chuang Ming-has a keen business sense, they decided to explore new areas, lit the prairie fire Spark Yiwu Socks transformation and upgrading.

  Zhu Kaijun pack up to go northward Dalian study with a teacher, Hung Chong Ming to raise funds to purchase equipment. “Dalian trip, let me under the determination of the independent research and development.” Zhukai Jun varicose veins socks around the world there are three main producing area: Switzerland, Germany, Japan. Switzerland and Germany, mature technology, accounted for a larger market share. In the business of these enterprises in Dalian, the use of cheap labor in China, products are sold back to Europe, in short supply.

  ”At that time, I proposed to executives of the wholly owned companies in Switzerland, if he was too late, I can process. Listen to me say this, the head of the foreigner shake like a rattle, slanting eyes, please return it, is to give you machines, not produce the standard of varicose veins socks. “Zhukai Jun recall the circumstances at the time still angry. But he knew the people so the cow is the capital. In Europe and the United States, the production of varicose veins socks has 70 years of history, whether in life or in the medical, people in large numbers, and has been refined. The use of socks in China, varicose veins has only just begun, there has been no development of varicose veins socks national and industry standards.

  Technical and price advantage to foreign manufacturers “challenge”

  Yiwu Zhu Kaijun hire a Ph.D, dove into the research room. They bought the machine from Germany and raw materials are imported from Germany, and soon the products developed. “When I took the new product into the enterprise in Dalian again, that foreigners brought the professional testing equipment, strict testing and the data are in line with the requirements. But he looked relaxed, because our products in the price any advantage. “

  Developed suddenly in trouble. Zhukai Jun boldly put forward the German imports of machinery and technical improvements, Switzerland, the quality of Chinese raw materials for production. “Easy to talk about, doing the difficult to over 720 days and nights, we consumed a few tons of raw materials and finally developed varicose veins in line with international standards socks, and a pair of socks sells for 400 yuan, more than Europe and the United States similar product price advantage. “

  Zhukai Jun is a great joy, but did not last long. State Food and Drug Administration will be included in these stockings II Medical Device, the provisions of such products must have specialized medical device quality system ISO13485 certificate “in order to obtain a production license issued by the prefecture-level cities.

  Is a two-year bustle, “Mize completed the three categories of trade mark registration, has 14 sets of Germany imported hosiery machines, has become the largest varicose veins socks manufacturer. “We are now out of the country, exhibiting everywhere. Technology and price advantage to manufacturers in Switzerland, Germany, Japan and other countries ‘destabilize’.”

  The temple town economic development and reform do a few head of discussion with reporters, said that Yiwu Socks started in 1912, the use of hand-foot hosiery weaving yarn socks, socks and weaving in the modern sense of the imported hosiery machines armed began in the mid-1990s. Yiwu Socks in the modern sense, no longer limited to participate in the competition in the domestic market, but should dare to compete with international Socks with Taiwan, “Mize” This company has taken a successful step.

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