A Syrian businessman swept away the yiwu 10 million yuan of goods

 Yesterday afternoon, Yiwu International Trade City merchants En (a pseudonym) hurriedly busy rushed Zongze North Road No. 777. Before that, he received a phone Yiwu Economic Investigation Police Team, that a Syrian foreigners cheated of more than 20,000 yuan of goods have been recovered in early May this year.

  To Zongze North Road, the warehouse, En no time to wipe the sweat from his forehead, then ran into the warehouse, looking for the goods of their own. Less than a minute, En his hands carrying a woven out.

  Goods recovered 80% of the restitution

  The reporter learned from the City of Economic Investigation Team, the recovered two containers of goods worth over 100 million, repaying the object after May 9, the goods to the named “thanks to the Court” trade limited Yiwu market traders. As of press time ago, 80 percent of the recovered goods have been returned to their owners.

  Economic Investigation Team, police said, the rest of repaying the goods will be moved to a 33-unit cases Tong, is deceived merchants “thanks to the court Trading Co., Ltd. first delivery warehouse address.

  It is understood that, thanks to court in Yiwu market, ordered more than 10 million yuan of goods, these goods involve multiple areas of toys, stationery, hardware and luggage. The company boss is the Syrians Mingjiao praise tower, has ordered goods in Yiwu market filled with 18 containers. The police investigators say, thanks to the Court of companies were Tong District rent fixed receiving warehouse, in order to defraud the business household goods, the company also quietly another rented a warehouse. In order to successfully get the bill of lading, thanks to the Court of privately looking for another freight forwarding company, the implementation of the transfer of goods.

  May 12, after receiving the report of the business operators who, Economic Investigation Team police investigation found, thanks to the Court the company has been secretly unloading goods into a container, transferred elsewhere. In the evening of May 24, the police eventually intercepted the worship tribunal shipped to Ningbo part of the container. From May 28, lay off the work of the prelude, if you have cheated businesses yet to reclaim the goods, please contact the Economic Investigation police as soon as possible.

  Foreign-related transactions to be charged at least 30% of the deposit

  Economic Investigation Team, said police, worship court swept away the goods in Yiwu market is the largest this year, Yiwu, together with contract fraud, boss A praise tower on May 12 departure to return to Syria. Here, the police with particular emphasis on transactions with foreign foreign trade companies have to charge a deposit account for at least 30% of the total value of goods, but by the credit impact on the operation over the years, the concept of many merchants have not changed over.

  Business operators are not familiar with the foreigners to do business, or to the Economic Investigation on the early warning platform, completing the record. Police advise: Do not deteriorating trading environment, in order to stabilize, broaden the customer base, while the expense of the home trade risk, accept foreign short two weeks, as long as three months in arrears time; as soon as possible to change the trading patterns of the credit business, Although the first delivery after the payment business model gave Yiwu has brought prosperity, but there are huge risks.

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