Absorption of a variety of “nutrition”, Yiwu market growth

From Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau statistics show that as of the end of April this year, Yiwu types of market players total had reached 174,346, an increase of 7.5%. -Funded main 170 024 (including individual industrial and commercial households 149 111 20 671 various types of enterprises, farmers’ professional cooperatives 242), up by 7.4 percent-owned body of business, including accounting for 12.16%, an increase of 1.17 over the same period in 2011 percentage points.

  Statistics show that 12,525, including owned enterprises, the enterprises, registered capital of 100 million registered capital of 100 million to 500 million 4205 5000000-10000000 1763, more than 10 million 839 . SMEs are still current Yiwu-funded enterprises, the “main force”.

  Foreign field, Yiwu, 373 foreign-funded enterprises and 632 foreign partnership enterprises the total registered capital (total capital contribution) of $ 779,820,000 and $ 20,041,800 investment in the country of origin, respectively, 59 and 35.

  The main players in the market to absorb all kinds of “nutrition”

  City, the Bureau has been fostering the growth of the main players in the market as an important means to boost local economic development, by entering a variety of “nutrition” to help the main players in the market both long height “and” fitness “.

  With the advance of the continuous improvement of the degree of internationalization of the market and international trade, a comprehensive reform of the Yiwu market, the main growth was more active, but also put forward higher requirements for the growth environment. In order to comply with the development of the situation in recent years, the business sector through the introduction of the policy, optimize services, expanded registration privileges, have launched a Bureau registration integration, shortening the time limit for license, license Liaison Office, and Transformation, opened “green channel crown province approval train, shall be exempted from the small micro-enterprise registration fees, a series of high quality and efficient service, and strive for the main drop threshold to mention the quality, reduce the burden.

  Exempt from the small micro-enterprise registration fee a burden for the enterprise, only the first quarter of this year, the total for the 1784 small and medium enterprises in Yiwu relief of $ 75.4 million, predicted that the annual business registration fee relief for small and micro enterprises 500 million, effectively reducing the burden for the development of SMEs.

  The most active foreign partnership enterprises

  The business sector is also actively nurturing foreign body, giving the foreign business qualification, regulate foreign business activities, so that the foreign partner enterprises to become active market players.

  Industry and Commerce Bureau thick North industrial and commercial area surrounding in the International Trade City, gathered in Yiwu, the majority of foreign investors and foreign institutions, in particular, is a resident representative office of foreign enterprises up to thousands. This can only be engaged in the main form of contact consulting business because they do not have the business qualifications, not only limits the foreign procurement activities, and gave the supervision of the government departments difficult.

  March 2010, the State introduced to allow foreign enterprises and individuals to set up the relevant policies of the partner companies, the Industry and Commerce Bureau to actively expand its promotion, thick North Trade and Industry through visits, guidance, guide the foreign representative offices operating a strong desire to meet the conditions transition to a foreign partnership enterprises. To solve the problem of foreign partner companies supporting the policy is not perfect, the business sector has also introduced an innovative way of representative offices and foreign business entities co-exist “dual system”, allowing representatives of the agency representatives can also be a partner in a partnership or shareholders of the Company.

  After great efforts to cultivate more than two years, foreign-invested Partnership Enterprise thick North Trade and Industry under the jurisdiction of the district has reached 394, accounting for 60% of the foreign partner of the total number of enterprises in Yiwu city, Zhejiang half the 40% of the country.

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