Champions League start of the market “very calm”

June 9, 2012 European Cup kicked off in Poland. But reporters found that, although some time ago the sports product orders from Europe are also considered, such as about to Yiwu market traders generally reflect the overall picture is far better than the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

  Jersey sales this year is not good, old customers back to a single, very few, not to mention the new customers. “June 6, International Trade City market on the second floor in the sporting goods area, a shop owner in the face of a reporter’s consulting, helpless sigh.

  According to the boss, his factory long-term production of the jersey, football scarves, football socks, and other commodities, and major exporting countries of the European Cup this year, one of the host country Ukraine. “I and the Ukrainian foreign has 13 years of business dealings. This year’s European Championship of Ukraine or the host, so the second half of last year, I started for this year’s European Cup stocking in accordance with the purchase cycle, in November last year, when the Ukrainian side began to come under the orders, but in fact, orders for November and December last year, no increase in the number of customer orders than in previous years even less. “he said, although 80% of Ukraine jersey are imported from China However, since Ukraine’s currency devaluation in 2008, his longtime Ukrainian businessman placing an order cautious lot.

  Franchise football super-Wei sporting goods firm, the boss floor, House Shun told reporters that this year, then their home football is not large orders. European Cup held in our football sales ‘impact’. “A franchise football trophy merchants also said that probably by the drag of the debt crisis in Europe, their home business is not good.

  However, the reporter found that the 2012 European Cup will be held substantially driven by the countries flag on sales of products in Yiwu market. Lu Po franchise flag in the three districts, market products, he told reporters that since the end of last year, he received orders from foreign countries increased substantially. “As far as I know, the products of foreign-flag away from us, most of them sold to the various bars of their respective host countries.” Lu Bao said.

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