“Children economy” with the hot high-end toy sales

  In recent days, the owner of the International Trade City District, Toy District, think of ways to attract exchange customers. Remote control aircraft circling over his head high, Variety of Hot Wheels car will deform, twist wheels, remote control car at the foot of people surf … childlike market to do now.

  According to business households, the domestic wholesale of toys near the end of the retail market is just hilarious. In late May, there have been people come to buy toys, the main purpose is to prepare the Children’s Day gift to the children.Business households is expected, with the “6” arrival will resort to a retail wind.

  High-end toys, popular

  Are adept at manipulating the remote-controlled aircraft salesperson Xiaobin seems to be able to see through the mind of consumers, in front of the various characteristics of the remote-controlled aircraft show again. “It can be in the air performing flip, very flexible and very lightweight.” Said Xiao-bin, as if cut off the power of the aircraft landed heavily on the ground, While we are all surprised when the aircraft quickly returned to the air, the slightest not damaged. This remote control aircraft using the new materials can drop resistance, falls from a height is no problem. “

  In addition to a Xiaobin demonstrate a new type of remote control aircraft, store fighting airplanes, bullets, aircraft products. General boys prefer the remote control aircraft, and later several products are based on the boy’s features, design. “

  With the sky, and no less ground running. Business households Mr. Wong demonstrate the amazing car to the customer in their store busy. I saw this little guy, regardless of turning the brakes are very flexible, but also performing in front of the “upright”, the front wheel high tilt, great range of children. In order to meet market demand, Mr. Wong store, there is the upgraded version of the car, known as the “Deluxe Edition”.

  A price of a cargo, these products are toys luxuries. Mr Wong said: “these luxuries are now popular. The price of a few hundred dollars a remotely piloted aircraft and even the nearly thousand dollars, a remote control car the less have a few hundred dollars, but now the parents will give children to buy, and generally buying more expensive. “Mr Wong said, a dealer in Shanxi, this time getting goods than last year, more than 30% said that these toys are good in the local sales.

  Toy companies prepare for the retail market

  I do not know since when, the rise in international commerce city toy retail wind, relative to other industries, the retail business of the toy industry is particularly Naomeng.

  ”Guangdong’s toy industry is very developed, Yiwu, many dealers purchase from Guangdong, Guangdong manufacturers agents. Operates the toy business for many years, Mr. Zhu disclosed in Guangdong in Yiwu, our business received foreign trade orders or OEM orders to be proud of, has not been carefully considered domestic market for toys. “

  Mr Chu believes that the domestic market of toys from low demand to high-end walk. “When we were there really any toys are Wanni Ba, play wood, today’s children born, there a variety of toys around the side, the market can be imagined. A child to buy a toy, this business, it’s terrible. “

  However, the reporter found that people often prefer to buy brand toys. “General premium brand toys to the child, not quite dare to buy other toys.” Feng Xiaoying, said members of the public. Toys on the shelves of the domestic department stores, Barbie, Transformers and other foreign brands toys long-term occupy a foreign toys with loud brand firmly in control of the toy retail market in China, toy companies need a lot of courage and capital, technical strength to break this situation, “Mr. Chu said.

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