Customs to start commodity export information service programs

Yiwu Yang Xiang International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. Paper Yu Yiwu customs declaration hall to complete a vote of goods exported to India for customs clearance, used to come to the customs administrative affairs of the hall side of the touch screen, Browse the latest foreign trade “wind”. It is learned that the customs of the latest industry analysis of data, foreign trade trends and policy interpretation, etc., related businesses “Outlook window.

  ”Growing number of small commodities exported to India, many businesses do not know much to India, so I hope that Customs can provide a more targeted policy advice and to facilitate customs clearance.” Yiwu customs self-chairman of the Association money magnificent to say the business enterprise voice.

  In this regard, the Yiwu Customs prompt start of the “commodity export information service programs. On the one hand, increasing commodity exports to emerging market trends, trends analysis, and by opening up the customs consulting part in the customs hall to set up business inquiries desk and electronic touch screen, real-time announcement and other administrative affairs, in the portal the first time to release the commodity export trend monitoring information. The monitoring information is not only the total exports of the Commodity statistics and analysis, but also the main destination of the commodity exports, major commodities, targeted monitoring and guidance, to provide experience for the business operators are exploring new markets, and direction. On the other hand, concerns the emerging countries of commodity exports, have a designated window, priority clearance, Port directly and other laws and regulations of the customs clearance facilitation measures and follow-up to the logistics, management and policy advisory services, and related enterprises to establish a “one-on-one contact communication mechanism, and continuously improve the Commodity clearance efficiency, enhance the competitiveness of commodity exports in emerging markets.

  It is understood that after a period of time, many business operators gradually touch the characteristics of the Indian market in April ushered in a “spring” of exports. According to Yiwu customs statistics, the April Commodity exports to India this year, the rapid growth of the Customs Yiwu Commodity exports to India totaled $ 180 million, an increase of 31.7%.

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