Early warning platform bright yellow business households cheated 300 Million

  ”May Day” before the holidays, the toy business in the International Trade City, Mr. Yoo was an order completely destroyed the festive mind, made an appointment before the holiday checkout even “escape single. This list, no deposit, I will pay particular attention, contact a few times, the other says that will be paid on time. “However, on the morning of April 30, Mr. Yoo again called to this called” sand Haude ” foreign trade companies, the company was inform the translation of “the boss ran.”

  Business operators of negligence:

  Delivery before to see the company “was the warning”

  Drifting just last year, “into line”, has been cautious and very business thing.In early April, the boss of the foreign trade companies in sand Haude A Mead, with a translation to Drifting commercial orders. In a moment effort, they selected a total of 90,000 yuan of goods, and made an appointment a week after delivery, at the end of cash checkout.

  Out of caution, Mr. Yoo proposed to pay some deposit, he was the boss on the spot refused. “They said, was so little money but also deposit” is the words of each other to worry about losing orders Drifting instantly dispelled the idea that you want to deposit.

  Economic Investigation platform (Yiwu cases of early warning platform) prior to delivery, I have seen consulting the Economic Investigation sand Haude Economic Investigation given in reply said that the company is not registered on the market 50 million loan to pay no, I did not particularly seriously, to think quickly to take the money. “This is so that the Drifting Looking back now repentant.

  ”The boss ran originally on an inner apprehension of Mr. Yoo, the first reaction is alarm. However, Mr. Yoo arrived at the Economic Investigation Team found that, with this company reported record with him as the victim has no less than dozens.

  The first time under report:

  ”Foreigners still owe me two months of wages.”

  Early as the alarm before Mr. Yoo and other business households, a claim to the the sand Haude company manager Wang find the Economic Investigation Team, alarm, said: “The boss brought the bill of lading original exit. I went to classes for two months, wages have did not receive. “

  Wang, according to the informant said, in March, Wang introduced by a friend to know A secret German first arrived in Yiwu, followed by Wang went to the company as a manager. Company to buy daily necessities, cabinets and other goods, payment for the cash settlement and bank transfers are two kinds of payment period of one month, the order signed by the customer, the total purchase price of more than 300 million.

  Goods received a total of 6 cabinets, A Mead has taken away the bill of lading of five cabinet. In the afternoon of April 27, Wang received a phone owner, said the two in the afternoon to go to his hotel to spend money on, then shut down. Two months of work followed by A Mead Wang not only suffered a boss missing, and the awkward position of customers recovered, even the wages did not get our hands on.

  Yesterday, reporter learned from the Economic Investigation Team. March 15, 2012, market dealers Yiwu Economic Investigation Team warning platform, completing the Chouzhou North 1377 Yinhai Room 508, sand the Haude import and export foreign trade Co., Ltd. trade information. Economic Investigation Brigade linkage verification mechanism according to the police station, a comprehensive understanding of the day will sand Haude survey forms sent to the thick North police station, A Mead, and company as well as ability to pay, etc., and the next day back to the a business households.

  Been other market dealers to report it, comment on the company, or through telephone inquiries, the company’s reputation in early warning platform. April 19, the Economic Investigation Team will be a called “concerned about the sand the Haude import and export foreign trade Co., Ltd.” Warning Alert put warning website home page. In a clear understanding of the specific circumstances of sand Haude, most business operators have canceled the sand Haude orders. “However, from the currently reported to the police, there are still some 100 business households cheated, many of whom have seen the warning information.” Economic Investigation Team who police said.

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