Four Indians detained in anti-prostitution raid in China – The Times of India

BEIJING: Four Indians, who were visiting the Chinese city of Shanghai to attend an automobile fair, have been detained by local police on charges of indulging in prostitution.

The four were part of a large Indian delegation visiting China’s Bicycle and Motor Fair in Shanghai, where anti-prostitution police picked them up.

Indian officials said the Indians were picked up in a police raid on a hotel two days back, and were being provided legal assistance.

Officials of the Indian Consulate sought consular access and met the concerned security officials to provide them legal assistance.

The four are expected to be released over the next few days as according to rules those indulging in such offences are detained and let off after a few days, officials here said.

The four people were part of about 100-member delegation. As trade and related exchange of people has boomed between India and China, incidents involving Indian traders and merchants have also cropped up.

In 2010, 23 Indian diamond merchants were arrested in Shenzen in connection with allegations of smuggling. While 13 of them were released, 10 were convicted and sentenced for two years.

In another incident, two Indian traders are currently stranded in Shanghai following cases against their company head, a Yemenese national, who fled without making payments for the supplies obtained in China’s commodity market Yiwu.

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