Hong Kong Stationery Fair Yiwu merchants received a large foreign trade in the top one

Today, just 2,008 Hong Kong International Stationery and exhibition of new Deguang Yiwu merchants Lu told reporters that he produced designs folder, etc. Very popular in Hong Kong show, dozens of operators are interested in purchasing foreign products, and said orders after the show. And Lu Deguang, since more than 10 companies in Yiwu Stationery Fair Hong Kong International Stationery 2008, marked the beginning of the new year in the trade a good sign. It is understood that the city of Hong Kong Stationery Fair this year’s first exhibition outside the exhibition tour, the city and outside the company, said buyers have come to a satisfactory intention to order.

2008 Hong Kong International Stationery Fair January 7 -10, which was held, the show is second only to Germany flange Kefu Office Supplies for the Development of professional stationery exhibition by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and Messe Frankfurt Limited (Hong Kong), was known internationally as a more professional and more famous show business stationery. Yiwu pens and stationery industry other hand, a place in the country, so this exhibition is also optimistic about the business of the city. The city of Yiwu Foreign Trade Bureau has six years to organize a delegation.

Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce, according to the person in charge, and other stationery Fair International, the Hong Kong International Stationery Fair Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair, held in the same period, which is the largest and the second largest in Asia toy fair in the world, international buyers are attracted so many years. As the two coincide with the exhibition, the buyer can buy stationery and toys at once, for exhibitors to create more opportunities for negotiation. It is understood that the four-day exhibition attracted 269 exhibitors from around the world of business, there are 10,006 more than a thousand more than 120 countries and regions of the buyers who attended the event.

Show, the city was light stationery Stationery Co., Ltd., more than ten companies have to open the first year of big business red. Among them, the Golden Eagle Craft, Bo Cheng stationery companies have continuously participated in the case of four or five times, they said, the program presents a great variety, including the document with other writing tools and paper paper products, office supplies, equipment, art materials and stationery and school children, the results of this year would be worthy of exhibitors than in previous years. Yiwu Flying Pen is the first exhibition, the general manager Wang told reporters yesterday, is very emotional, occurs Ball point pen flourished as a Show in Hong Kong. “I never expected that the products of SMEs actually favored by foreign buyers, customers at our booth to visit much, we received 23 firm orders and ten, with several customers on the spot orders to us, beyond the effect we expected We do not want to miss this opportunity next year. “According to most Yiwu entrepreneur revealed that the current Hong Kong Show Desktop, and the signing of business customers multi-Yiwu in Southeast Asia, and an international group of purchases. In recent years, more and more “Yiwu create” desktop effects via Hong Kong covers the world trade in constant transit point for South East Asia.

The name of the company, declined to say, despite the recent impact of foreign trade has been weakened by various interests, but let him see the show business in Hong Kong in 2008 are a good omen. He suggested, Yiwu enterprises, especially SMEs, should get out more.

Hong Kong International Stationery Fair is an international stationery exhibition this year, the city also will tour this year, the International Chamber of Commerce to participate in the international stationery, office supplies industry event are: Office Products International Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Japan, Tokyo International stationery, office Commodities Fair, Sao Paulo, Brazil International stationery, office supplies exposure, Frankfurt, Shanghai and other stationery show. It is understood that the products of the International Frankfurt Fair, Germany is the world’s largest office products exhibition, held this month, 23 -27 days, the city will have 30 companies involved in exposure and will be held to the same period a Christmas gift, body development.

It is understood that this year the city plans to send to the International Chamber of Commerce will participate in about 40 exhibitions abroad have participated in beauty salons, stationery, office supplies, the kind of paper, clothing Clothing of products, types of fabric accessories, gifts, housewares, consumer category, home textiles etc.

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