Hotel supplies of low-carbon debut Yiwu Fair

Smoke-free cookers, multi-function electric sofa, speed hot tap … Yesterday, hotel supplies exhibition in the International Expo Center, Hall D, under the king, the show became a low-carbon and energy saving and environmental protection products, energy-saving environmentally friendly hotel supplies by with travel expo sets up a “ring”.

  10:00, the end of the opening ceremony did not take long, under the king of hotel supplies exhibition to usher in a very special guest, he is the Purchasing Director of the International Trade City, a nearby hotel. I saw him holding one last year to buy the cookers manifest a special trip to the travel expo site to find the “king of the pavilions, the requirements of business and then two and before the same electromagnetic stove. He was pleased to say: “this section than the cost of the original gas cookers province by nearly half, two cookers make out of our power-saving.” To take their hotel decisive decision-making meeting again in this year’s trip blog additional energy saving and environmental protection, induction cooker, and said that in order to gradually replace the traditional gas stove.

  ”This is a new hotel kitchen appliances, cookers, 8 minutes to boil a pot of water, the biggest advantage is that it is cooking you do not feel a trace of soot.” Yiwu Kitchenware Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Wu Xianhui introduced at this stage the hotel industry in our city mostly remain in the pattern of traditional cooking in the kitchen, this exhibition kitchen new, advocate the green revolution in the kitchen, undoubtedly give Yiwu hotel industry to bring a touch.

  It is reported that 19 businesses from the streets of the city Jiangdong king of New Village hotel supplies professional Street to participate in this year’s Travel Fair, they exhibited at least 35 dedicated booth 5000 kinds of hotel supplies, studied under almost all types to facilitate the procurement arrange one-stop purchasing. “In recent years, the hotel foot bath, sauna, and fitness business rapid growth, the growing demand of recreation and sports articles, the next king of hotel supplies professional Street, gathered ten the Yujia Kang body supplies sales shops. In addition, it is difficult to procurement in Yiwu market to the equipment of the hotel sauna, KTV desktop supplies, also appeared during the current trip Bo Wu Xianhui said.

  ”This is my second trip Fair, unlike last year, the current theme of the show is more focused, more prominent, professional and ancillary activities are also more abundant, and I believe will bring us more orders.” Liu Qinghong, under the king of hotel supplies professional Street merchants.

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