Last Saturday, the beginning of summer the temperature reaches 30.3 ℃

Last Saturday is the beginning of summer. According to the forecast of the meteorological station of Yiwu, the beginning of summer solar terms of the day, Yiwu, the maximum temperature reached 30.3 ℃. Is not over the beginning of summer, the summer started? In fact, not necessarily the beginning of summer after summer, sometimes the temperature will drop. At present, we are from the real summer, there is a period of time.

  From a climate point of view to define a place for 5 days daily average temperature is higher than 22 ° C, considered the formal beginning of summer. Yi Wu Ruxia time from years of historical information, often in late May to early June, in time later than the beginning of summer solar terms. This year when the summer, but also the next weather.

  Is still clear for some rain for a period of weather this week, significant precipitation from Tuesday evening to Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday during the day and weather are pretty good. Specifically, Monday by southwesterlies white sunny to cloudy after midnight in the rain with the southern margin of showers or thunderstorms. Tuesday evening to Wednesday by the shear line, there is an obvious showers or thunderstorms process. Due to pre-clear for many days, and accumulated a lot of instability energy, highly probable severe convective weather. Thursday, Friday, a weak cold air south, cloudy weather. Saturday night, the weather is overcast Sunday showers.

  It is worth noting that the Saturday maximum temperature above 30 ℃, it is estimated, Sunday to Tuesday’s maximum temperature will reach 30 ° C. High temperatures, strong sunshine, and when they go out to pay attention to the sun, good UV protection.

  Specific predictions:

  Date weather temperature

  May 7 Partly cloudy, night, cloudy to overcast with showers or thunderstorms 18 ~ 33 ° C

  May 8 during the day, cloudy to overcast, overcast with showers or thunderstorms 20 ~ 30 ℃ in the evening from

  May 9 overcast with showers and ceased overcast to cloudy, 20 ~ 25 ℃

  May 10 Cloudy 17 ~ 27 ℃

  May 11 Cloudy 18 ~ 28 ℃

  May 12, cloudy to overcast,

  Night overcast showers 18 ~ 27 ℃

  May 13 overcast and sometimes showers 19 ~ 25 ℃

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