Personality Mini-fan is Very Popular

About 10:00 yesterday, the operation of mini-fan in the International Trade City District, Swatter, mosquito coils and other small household electrical appliances the Yuan Jufang busy in the shop, and procurement of foreign investors to shop, but also domestic and old customers to call to the next one, showing a bustling scene of shops.
These years, air conditioning, the increasing popularity of the market share of fans are not small effects, but in order to cater to groups of students and office workers and R & D mini battery fan, USB fan contrarian on to become a new growth point in the small appliances.
Reporters to see within the in Yuan Jufang shops, mini fan for a variety of cartoon characters accounted for half of the shop: peaches, apples, watermelon, strawberry, orange fruit doll series, twelve constellations of the doll series, onion doll series, pop series , milk bottle series, penguin baby series, Lipstick series … people looked at love. “In fact, the mini battery fan, USB fan, a few years ago has emerged, but the manufacturers of the year special attention to the development of new products, the light, I have nearly 80 new.” Said Yuan Jufang operated mini fan, their started earlier, the initial recognition of the extent of the market for mini fan is not high, the operation the number of households is also a handful. Can now group of students and working people demand more and more mini fan, mini fan more and more businesses and manufacturers to enter the industry also increased, we are all raring to R & D and production on the market, sufficient to prove the potential and attractiveness of the market.
Yuan Jufang revealed that the 4-7 month of each year are mini-fan sales season, from May, two months is the busiest time. “Do not look at the sales of mini fan impressive, in fact, among the various brands are secretly contest, the internal motor power, the external shape of the innovation challenge of the market.” Yuanju Fang said, from the store’s sales situation, “fashion element “mini-fans because of good quality, style, and the highest degree of market acceptance, sales of the biggest.

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