Popular Creative Office Supplies in the Wholesale Market

The thumbtack is necessary item in the office as a must-have stationery product. However, it is really a troublesome thing to pull the thumbtacks out if they were no longer needed. Traditional thumbtacks are low iron ones, to pull which you need a tool, or the high iron and plastic ones, which are easy to pull but thick. The creative latest thumbtacks are low and easy to press and pull out with the special design (show as the picture).

                                                                            Creative thumbtacks

This stationery set looks just like a keyboard, but actually it enjoys multi-uses, which contains a punch, a stapler and a keyboard brush. All of the items are clearly labeled in English. As for the Enter-key, it is actually a magnetic collector for paper clips. If you need to collect the pins littered on the ground or on the desk, this Enter-key magnetic collector will help a lot.

                                                                           Office stationery set

As the living level has been improved, more small electric appliances have made our life easier. Do you often have a problem of having no enough plug-ins for small electric appliances and computers in the office? Creativity makes nothing impossible. This creative slot plug-in takes a whole slot replace with the traditional sockets so that plugs can be closer together to save space. Besides, 3-row slot and 2-row slot are on each side of this plug-in, which makes the plugs more in order.

                                               Creative Slot Plug-ins Effectively Economize Space

Moisturizing is a must-have lesson for girls who face with the computer all day long, so a humidifier becomes necessary in the office. There are many novel designs of humidifiers sold in the market. To take an example, this USB coffee cup humidifier is really eye-catching enough.

                                                                         USB coffee cup humidifier

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