Saudi Arabia and other short-term trade lower risk of re-exports the risk of showing a diversity

Recently, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and China Export Credit Insurance Company Yiwu Marketing Services Division jointly organized the first phase of Yiwu export risk information conference, export credit insurance risk data for January to April, the risk cases and the business focus on the risk analysis .

  Conference, SINOSURE million export enterprises to the country, nearly one hundred billion U.S. dollars of export insurance data samples, announced some of the export risk information and data, including Chuxian rate and the dangerous condition of the amount of the amount of the first quarter of last year and this year’s top 20 country, the dangerous condition amount rank of each industry and country-specific risk analysis. Risk information, not only allow export companies to avoid risks in advance, and make export enterprises for an important business opportunities.

  The first quarter of enterprises in Zhejiang

  An increase of 40% reported loss amount

  By the global financial crisis, a payment dispute between the city’s foreign trade enterprises and foreign buyers is rising. China the ECIC Zhejiang branch data show that the first quarter of this year, enterprises in Zhejiang (excluding Ningbo) reported loss amounted to $ 85,000,000, an increase of 40.1%. In addition to North America declined slightly in other regions showed significant growth. The debt crisis is most serious in Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Portugal and other euro area countries reported losses year on year increasing at an astonishing rate, especially the amount of damage has been reported in Italy and Spain account for 2/3 of the amount of reported loss of all European countries.

  According to the China Export Credit Insurance the Yiwu marketing services manager closed Swagelok analysis, from January to April this year, close to the export trade association of the Jinhua area countries, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine trade risk is declining, while South Korea, the United Arab Emirates Brazil, Australia, Iran, the United States, Canada and other countries and regions, trade risks are on the rise.

  Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and other countries

  Reduction in the risk of short-term trade

  ”Saudi Arabia, for example, from January to April this year, China’s exports to Saudi Arabia, $ 66,650,000, an increase of 83% in the export rankings in column 19. The amount of reported loss of the Saudi buyers fell 53 percent, reported loss number of cases decreased by 21%. This shows that China’s export prospects in Saudi Arabia is still quite good. In addition, Saudi Arabia and the complementary nature of our export products, we need Saudi oil and Saudi Arabia also need some of our other products and Saudi Arabia, unlike other countries in the Middle East as the money, but overall the outlook is still good, personally recommended to our export enterprises have increased their market development efforts of Saudi Arabia. “closed Swagelok analysis.

  , Ukraine to benefit from the European Cup held in the short term, the exports of Yiwu some help, but taking into account other risk factors, export enterprises still remain cautious. Objection to the trial of former President Tymoshenko, Europe 26 countries politicians have made it clear not to visit Ukraine and threatened to boycott the European Cup. In addition, the foreign media is also expected that in 2012 Ukraine will face a debt of $ 11.9 billion, of which 5.3 billion to repay in foreign currency, any fluctuations in the foreign exchange market will cause the swing of the national economy. June, Ukraine is also required to repay the the Russian VTBCapital company loan of $ 2,000,000,000, and nearly 500 million Eurobond.Yiwu companies, the European Cup to the Yiwu market has brought tremendous business opportunities. But in view of Ukraine is currently facing economic difficulties, it is recommended that the export enterprises, it is best not to credit operations.

  The relevant data show that, except Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, Russia, Japan and other countries’ trade risk year have declined.


  Compared to Saudi Arabia, belong to the Middle East United Arab Emirates Trade risk. During the same period, the amount of reported loss of the UAE buyers rose by 56 percent, the number of cases reported loss increased by 142%. Analysis of the reasons is that the rise in the risk of Iran’s import and export trade. EU countries and the continuing U.S. economic sanctions against Iran, and Iran’s domestic currency devaluation, the surge in Iran’s export trade risk. “At present, export credit insurance has been suspended on Iran’s export trade insured project, some buyers turn to the UAE re-exports of goods to Iran, because exports to the UAE remains good, and this is the United Arab Emirates reported loss cases rising main One of the reasons therefore, in the export trade of the United Arab Emirates, export enterprises is best to ask the goods direction, to reduce the risk of the trade. “closed Swagelok reminded export enterprises in Iran, Greece and other high risk countries export goods, the credit business there is considerable risk.

  In the country as one of the important international entrepot trade region, Hong Kong, apparently facing the same dilemma. January to April, Hong Kong companies reported loss amount fell 25 percent reported loss the number of cases rose by 25%.“Despite the reported loss amount on the decline, but in fact, since the financial crisis, Hong Kong has been the hardest hit by the reported loss of export credit insurance. Restrictions by the local population, Hong Kong’s domestic demand is limited, the majority of products are exported to Hong Kong re-exports to other countries and regions affected by the global financial crisis, international buyers ability to pay the affected case would lead to a lack of ability to pay for some Hong Kong middlemen, so that an increase in the likelihood of default by the Hong Kong middlemen. closed Swagelok told reporters, “I met a case, Hong Kong brokers with foreign buyers signed the contract, the goods of the defect rate of more than 5%, the buyer can be a full return or refuse payment. brokers can not receive payment and refuse payment to the export enterprises, which lead to local export enterprises is very passive, but also very innocent, because it contracts with brokers is no problem. In fact, this type of case the past two years is definitely not the minority. “due to the re-export the particularity of the Hong Kong middlemen usually with domestic manufacturers and foreign buyers were signing the contract, even if our domestic producers and middlemen contract may also be involved on a breach of contract and lead to the occurrence of payment arrears.

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