Summer goods supplies domestic

 According to the China Yiwu Small Commodity Index 277 weeks Price Index, Yiwu index inventory of office yesterday, the current weekly price index of 103.94 points, continued to fall.

  Increasingly hot weather, sales of summer supplies of mosquito nets, sleeping mat, and the summer socks vigorous in the export optimism; gradually added to Christmas supplies, all kinds of Christmas ornaments, bells, Christmas tree sales preheat start; shoes class, maternal and child for daily use measurement tools, foot jewelry, such as industry, market stability; the advent of the tourist season, increased sales of apparel, educational toys, special arts and crafts and other industries; sports and fitness supplies, communication equipment, building decoration hardware such industry The slowdown in sales.

  Similar to the last of the weekly price index, the current week price index continued to show a slight downward trend, dropping 103.94 points from 104.54 points the previous period. Export transactions price index rose slightly, trading floor order price index, the venue direct transaction price index, online transactions price index to fall in varying degrees.

  The price index of the 15 categories, 5 up and 10 down. Among them, electrical and electronic, footwear, handicrafts such five major categories of ring up the biggest gain of 4.25 points; 10 categories of clothing apparel, hardware and electrical materials, care and beauty products such as varying degrees of decline. The maximum decrease of 1.93 points. 97 in two categories, the proportion rose to 29 percent down compared to 34 percent, unchanged from the ratio of 37%.