Yiwu exempt small micro-enterprise from administrative fees to encourage the development of headquarters economy – Yiwu News original news

Zhejiang Online, Hangzhou, March 28 (Reporter Yeh Hai) Yiwu, Zhejiang, the business sector today the introduction of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial Bureau boost the reform of the pilot service economy developing a number of opinions “clear” exempt from administrative fees of the small micro-enterprise “to cancel the small and medium-sized micro- business registration (change) registration


Why are Products in Yiwu Market SO…..Cheap?

A tea mug a US resident finds in IKEA or other stores for at least a dollar is on sale in Yiwu for 5 cents. A sledge hammer is going for $1.40, an ax for chopping wood for $1.20… Almost every product is on sale for about one-half, one-third, or one-tenth of the lowest price


Yiwu PV encounter the big rod of the U.S. “anti-dumping” – Yiwu News

PV products suffered the U.S. “anti-dumping” stick the Yiwu solar exports to emerging markets mainly affected Aloft by the United States to the Chinese PV products of countervailing and anti-dumping “against” big rod, and finally slowly whereabouts. U.S. Department of Commerce announced on March 20th, preliminary results of countervailing duty investigation of photovoltaic products, countervailing

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