Yiwu released four cross-stitch industry standard

Hong Kong Daily News News (reporters Ping Junjiang) the day before yesterday evening, the release of the cross-stitch industry standards and the excellent embroidery Presentation Conference “held in Yiwu. At the meeting, the the Yiwu stitch Industry Association has released four industry-standard package, etc., which is the domestic first released in the cross stitch industry standards.


Yiwu cross stitch industry standard is forthcoming – Yiwu News

 Have “female red” cross stitch said. 10 years ago, cross stitch from Europe through Japan and South Korea into China. Today, after 10 years, Yiwu has developed into the country and the world’s largest cross-stitch industrial base. However, cross-stitching industry in the peak period of 2010, the domestic market began to shrink, the expansion of export markets because

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