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 Hand-held juicer   Small tools, for “violence” juice of half a lemon stuffed imports yard, open the lid below, you can fully utilize. This summer, lemonade mud, mud orange juice, then Niechu any fruit juice you want.     Mini Fan   The weather is getting warmer, last year, the popular little black fan even disappeared, having replaced by


Yiwu PV encounter the big rod of the U.S. “anti-dumping” – Yiwu News

PV products suffered the U.S. “anti-dumping” stick the Yiwu solar exports to emerging markets mainly affected Aloft by the United States to the Chinese PV products of countervailing and anti-dumping “against” big rod, and finally slowly whereabouts. U.S. Department of Commerce announced on March 20th, preliminary results of countervailing duty investigation of photovoltaic products, countervailing


Dragon Toy in Yiwu Market

Dragon toy was the best seller in Yiwu Market as the Spring Festival coming. Children are all over the toy professional street of District 1, Yiwu International Trade City during the holiday of New Year’s Day. Dazzling array of toys like alloy car models with fine workmanship, the mighty shape of Gun dam, imaginative Lego, or popular Altman, Xi Yang Yang.

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