The city soared to four well-known brands in China

the State Administration for Industry and Commerce published a list of well-known trademarks identified by the latest batch, which Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yiwu gold embroidered side gold embroidery and Figure “trademarks, Zhejiang Dade Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.” back the power of God “trademark, Zhejiang Socks Co., Ltd. Po Lady Po Lady; BONAS” trademark, Zhejiang Sanding Weaving Co., Ltd., three and Figure 4 trademark “trademark for a total of four city enterprises have standings famous. At this point, since 2011, the city two years, by eight well-known trademarks, the total reached 16.

  Up to now, the city’s total administrative identified Famous Chinese Trademark 16, accounting for 5 percent of Zhejiang Province, accounting for 51.6% of Jinhua city’s; 97 Zhejiang famous brand, accounting for 27.3% of Jinhua; 253 famous trademarks in Jinhua City, accounting for Jinhua 30.6%; domestic registered trademarks of 40,038, accounting for 42.9% of Jinhua.

  Zhejiang Dade Pharmaceutical Group is the city a drug research and development, production, wholesale, retail in one of the enterprise group integrating science, industry. Zhu Limin, business executives, told reporters that since the inception of the company, depending on the brand, such as life, and constantly strengthen the awareness of brand protection. Early in 2008, the company owned by the “monks” trademark was identified by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for the well-known trademarks, and the enormous role of enterprises have tasted the sweetness.

  Zhu Limin, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Dade Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., trademark visibility improved in recent years also to the efficiency of enterprises has been a significant growth. Therefore, the addition to have a good product, the brand’s position is also very important, trademark brand strength is an important part of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

  Zhu Limin, the “back to the power of God” is winning well-known trademarks in China is undoubtedly the corporate brand building on a new level. The company already has “Dade”, “Warrior God” two well-known trademarks in China and Zhejiang famous brand, a number of honors, the only city to one with two well-known trademarks enterprise.

  ”With the continuous expansion of product sales, brand building and reputation point of view, you need a trademark brands to support.” Said Zhu Limin.

  As the relevant person in charge of the department in charge of the trademark brand, City of Industry, said that in order to make better use of the trademark brand of unique role in boosting corporate transformation and upgrading, the business sector has been very focused on helping enterprises to develop brand building.Especially in recent years, the Industry and Commerce Bureau to “merit-based support, the cascade of a license” principle, give full play to the brand-building model of the “trinity” of the push for government, industry and commerce to help move business initiative creating brand pattern continue to consolidate. This year, the City Administration of Industry and combined with one hundred cadres to visit thousands of enterprise “activities undertaken by the Council, through visits, research, and fully understand the various problems encountered in the process of creating brand, one-on-one, face to face, the whole program to guidance helping companies create brand offers a full range of services.

  In another development, the city is to grasp the opportunity of a comprehensive reform of international trade, striving for national trademark strategy to actively promote the implementation of the model city will be applied to identify the “China Commodity City,” a well-known trademarks in China to further deepen the brand development strategy, and enhance the comprehensive strength of the brand .

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