the export and import growth of the foreign trade development

Debt crisis in Europe and raw materials, labor, rising wages, this year, Fujian, many enterprises are poor performance, foreign trade and economic cooperation between fatigue. Fujian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau resulting from the services of Foreign Trade and stable growth, and promote foreign trade economic transformation and upgrading, and service enterprises to expand the international market continued to improve the efficiency of customs clearance, and actively create a harmonious trading environment 5, and 21 specific measures .

These measures highlight the “steady growth, adjusting structure and promoting balance, including a pilot basis, such as: significantly reduce the export of food and agricultural products (000061) sampling ratio, speed up customs clearance, reduce business costs and promote the expansion of exports. Continue to a class of enterprise credit supervision, exempt from the lot testing on the basis of implementation of the Authentication Manager, two, three enterprises, reducing the sampling ratio of 2% -5%, and to take measures to “border edge to put” enhance the export of industrial products release speed.

Safety risk monitoring, to reduce the sampling proportion of imports, the promotion of agricultural imports timber, bulk fuel, feed and other resources. Personal use of the quality and safety of low-risk and stable supply channels of imported raw and auxiliary materials, reduce the proportion of sampling more than 50%, advanced technology and equipment and key parts and other products imported priority inspection priority release.

Increase the implementation of a factory, a policy “pillar industries, key enterprises in Fujian. Fujian Province, a large focus on project implementation, project management, to do a case, the service key projects early start, early run, early results. Advancing the quality and safety demonstration area of ​​the footwear, electrical machinery, ceramics and other industrial exports, and support a number of leading enterprises to grow. Free enterprise management system and other aspects of advisory services to promote the enterprises to establish a self-controlled system. Detection platform and technical support for small and medium-sized and micro enterprises to establish a self-controlled system.

Implementation of the integrity of B class business export goods to optimize the clearance mode, and enterprise coverage strive for more than 80%. Vigorously promote the in-depth implementation of the paperless inspection, eligible enterprises can be implemented to handle paperless inspection. Around Pingtan large open, large-scale development, based on a pilot basis, efforts to establish the most convenient customs clearance, supervision is the most effective, the highest quality service “sub-line management, inspection and quarantine supervision mode.

Implementation of the Strait of Standards and Metrology, Inspection and Certification Cooperation Agreement, to carry out the test results admissible Strait certification and mutual recognition of the experimental work.

Strengthen the rational deployment of personnel, protection of front-line regulatory services, and implementation of the 7 days and 24 hours in advance of the inspection, testing and other services system, so pick the newspaper, with the release with the prosecution, to provide further facilitate customs clearance.

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