The first quarter, the commercial bureau helps mini and small enterprises “save” nearly one million.

I learned from the business sector, the private economic development of the services introduced this year by the Provincial Trade and Industry Bureau to enhance the ten initiatives and the City of Industry, was introduced in March this year, boosting the service of economic development of the pilot reform in exempt from small micro-enterprises with the relevant provisions of the administrative fees “, the first quarter of this year, the city’s business sector accumulated 1784 small micro-enterprises and 10,626 individual businesses exempt from (refundable) registration fee of $ 94 million.

  This year, in the face of the grim situation of the complex international environment for private economic development, in order to implement the province’s private economy in general spirit, the city industrial and commercial department in accordance with the requirements of the superior industrial and commercial administrative authorities and the Yiwu municipal government, combined with their own functions characteristics, further innovative ideas, the introduction of eighteen initiatives boost the pilot reform of services, economic development, which clearly to be “exempt from small micro-enterprises, administrative fees, including” exempt from the registered capital of 300 million industrial enterprises third industrial enterprises, the registered capital of 500 million industrial enterprises and registered capital of 200 million registered (change) registration fee, annual fee, fill (F) business license fee shall be exempted from individual businesses and farmers’ professional cooperatives registered (change) registration fee, county (city) business license fee. “effectively to reduce the burden on small micro-business growth.

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