The Jewelry will be Affixed to the Two-dimensional Code, can be Traced Back at

After years of development, the jewelry to the annual output value of more than 12 billion yuan, and exports about 10 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the domestic market share, 30% of the achievements of the international market share, and become a pillar industry of Yiwu. Yiwu has become the country’s largest jewelry production, sales and distribution center. However, there are a large number of Yiwu jewelry synonymous with poor quality, style similar, almost as a stall goods, knockoff.
“Alloy jewelry heavy metals exceeded the situation is very common, especially small workshop production of alloy jewelry, almost 100% failure.” One fought for many years in the jewelry industry sources admit insider said that in the jewelry production process Add heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, nickel, can improve flexibility and gloss of the jewelry, plus not only sell, but also by increasing the turning model of the frequency of lower production costs. Such products in order to smooth out off, businesses can choose to sneak it in, get good quality batch to detect, once they are found, waiting for corporate to product recalls and heavy fines. It is no exaggeration to say that the heavy metals exceeded Yiwu jewelry exports a “flawed”, together with infringement issues in the areas of jewelry design, part of the enterprise dragged into a vicious cycle of low-priced competition.
A few days ago, I went to the Ministry of Commerce accepted the entrustment of the construction sector of the national credit, integrity Hing Awareness Month activities ready to be carried out in the jewelry industry. Chinese jewelry Network general manager Meijian Meng told reporters that the “integrity Xing publicity The event is jointly organized by the 15 departments of the Central Propaganda Department, the Commerce Department has carried out six years. Previously, the range of activities have never specific to a particular industry, and this time, jewelry and food, pharmaceuticals and other industries with being named a.
n addition to guide enterprises to do ideological work “good” the right path during the event, 12312 product traceability management service platform will be introduced to the jewelry industry. From a practical perspective, is to guide companies in the jewelry packaging labeled two-dimensional code. In this way, consumers can by sweeping yards, found in the specific manufacturers information to identify the authenticity of products, product quality can also be more effectively investigated complaints. For the enterprises themselves, the two-dimensional code can not only protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the role of product image and, more importantly, companies can also be based on consumer feedback, timely detection of problems and to the whole

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