The Seventh Auto Show Open on Thursday

May 17, the 7th China Yiwu Automobile Parts Exhibition will be opened in Yiwu International Expo Centre. In the three-day show, car audio navigation, traveling by car equipment, inside and outside the Jushi automotive supplies is the absolute protagonist of the show, in addition, there will be a lot of cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, electric vehicles, bicycle and accessories simultaneous display.
Yi Wu Mingshi Exhibition Co., Ltd. has learned that, the reporter from the Auto Show Sponsor Up to now, the breeze of the Auto Show, Merchants work has been completed, Booth 800, the last Legco increased more than 450 exhibitors must most from Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Fujian and other auto parts, automotive supplies industry cluster production enterprises, there are a small part of Yiwu local dealer.
It is understood that the outgoing degree of this year’s Auto Show will be over 80%, the target group of buyers are foreign. Downturn in the international economic situation this year, foreign procurement will decline than in previous years, in order to improve the effectiveness of the exhibition on display, Malibu Exhibition Co., Ltd. Ad Hoc foreign procurement recruitment group, and increased foreign recruitment efforts. Pre-registration of foreign over 200, mostly from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America, foreign to the meeting is expected to more than 500 people.
Wu Chao-kui, Yiwu car and motorcycle supplies parts Industry Association believes that the foreign trade situation this year is in general more severe, but the automotive supplies industry is a sunrise industry, a car driven by follow-up consumption is 3.6 times its value, because of this, car the export of parts, automotive supplies by the negative impact of the international economic situation does not so much like other industries, the five Pacific markets of Yiwu International Trade City and Changchun auto parts professional Street business operators to open sales window of more than 1800, Changchun auto parts professional Street store rents are also rising because the auto parts business is booming.
“Beginning last year, the exports of Yiwu automotive supplies Brazil, India’s share of strong growth. Two days ago, Thai businessmen take the initiative to contact us, said to cover the Dongfeng Motor’s related accessories.” Malibu Exhibition Co., Ltd. Fu Kung right to said, in order to enrich the exhibition content, during the exhibition will be held in the same period the sixth MECA China Yiwu Auto audio conversion Challenge MECA car modified car selection, automotive films Competition.

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