The Yinan Business seized 110,000 infringing “Hello Kitty” pen

City of Industry, Bureau of South Branch Trade and Industry with law enforcement officers carry out inspections to Yinan Industrial Zone, a stationery production plant is processing of trademark infringement “Hello Kitty” neutral pen, a larger number of . Law enforcement officers immediately asked the person in charge of the plant’s authorization certificate issued by the use of “Hello Kitty” graphic and the word mark, the person in charge can not provide, and to recognize the products of its processing on the spot it is trademark infringement goods. Law enforcement officers immediately conduct a criminal investigation.

  In this investigation, the law enforcement officers found the stationery factory is still sizable, the average daily processing of each production line, producing a neutral pen of 10,000. And the plant has also been made of the authorization to use a well-known cartoon graphics in the stationery goods, indicating that the parties still have a certain awareness of trademark protection, and the stationery of the trademark in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces on the stationery market, but also quite well known.

  Why knowingly use the “Hello Kitty” graphics and text belong to trademark infringement, still lives at risk? The parties admitted that the First, because these goods are foreign companies to store custom, but also special requirements he must use the “Hello Kitty graphics and text, because it is relatively easy to sell; orders factory employees and review of the business unit, rice has become porridge, simply hold the psychological luck, but unexpectedly Justice has still not escape the industrial and commercial stuff.

  At present, law enforcement officers have alleged trademark infringement, 68 boxes of a total of 110 000 “Hello Kitty” neutral pen lawfully detained.