The Yiwu Outdoor goods expend inland market

May 19th, the 18th International Yellow River Tourism Festival and the First the Sanmenxia Outdoor Products Fair was held in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province. More than a dozen of the city’s outdoor tourism products industry associations outdoor products companies winning the 150 stands to become the biggest bright spot of the show.

  According to market analyst imposing network of well-known outdoor supplies and equipment professional buy site, combined with the sales of the 2012 first quarter, Baidu, Google index, and the prestige network in the first quarter compared to the outdoor supplies and equipment tours services grew more obvious, the data from the side reflect ALICE, outdoor enthusiasts travel for the college newspaper, more choice of free travel.

  Outdoor Trade Fair held in Sanmenxia before exactly explain this economic phenomenon.

  ALICE favorite new products

  Sanmenxia City International Yellow River Tourism Festival has been successfully held 17 sessions, each year a large number of ALICE to travel here, hearing the news, go to the city’s outdoor supplies business.

  The Zhu Panda Yiwu Wen Xuan outdoor camping equipment Co., Ltd. is responsible for. Show the first day of his new tent was sold out. This one received according to a just a second tent, inside and outside the two-tier, any layer can be removed during a camping trip, be removed after a separate tent. In addition, a second ship account buyers snapped up hot spots.

  ”Remove the tent from the bag into the air cast on the launching of a Boat Sailing shape of the tent.” Zhu Panda side explained with the buyers have the edge to a tent into the air aside, instantly expand the tent attracted buyers bursts of applause.

  In addition to Zhu Panda “magic” tents, exhibition site even more shocking effect display. Direct a staff station on a portable beach table, straining feet trample on the desktop, even the high jump. According to the person, a beach table incorporating just a minute, Zhuojiao and desktop can be put aside, lightweight and durable.

  These new shape, material new products to be favorable for buyers and local consumers. “A local dealer said after the exhibition, I here the rest of how much we should.” Zhu Panda said happily.

  Very important to develop the inland market product positioning

  Chen Xiong Yang Shun Quan outdoor recreation, tourism plant is responsible for folding tables and chairs in his booth attracted buyers are competing procurement.1.2 m specification of the folding table, a total of 18, all bought by a dealer in Zhengzhou, the remaining goods inquiries. “Chen Xiong Yang said.

  Zhengzhou buyers Ki Zhengzhou, a person in charge of the outdoor club, after visiting the exhibition, his first feeling is suitable for small local products, therefore the direction of procurement in the show is very concentrated. Take the folding table is a table of 1.2 m is ideal for a large family, travel use, too much is not good to carry, too small table too single purpose. “Andrew said, this time Sanmenxia year weather good times, the most suited for travel, while the locals travel again to families and traveling together mainly. He procured the tables was in line with local consumption habits.

  The same polarization there are beach chairs and folding tables. “Cheap price, Mazari and easy to carry a small day to sell 40, but the other chair almost did not sell.” Yiwu Outdoor Tour Articles Industry Association Secretary-General Luo Junxiang Yiwu products have been sold to inland through various channels region, but the business owners and business operators and consumer habits and needs such as this one personally feel the inland market. He believes that to develop the inland market, to understand the local market positioning is very important.

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