This year Yiwu mighty

standard picture frame business in Yiwu every day look at the Commodity Index, because he knows has a direct relationship between this index and the pockets. “Know how to see the index of doing business is critical, production and management of the commodity index marketable commodity, we can select a variety of operations and purchase opportunity to maintain a reasonable inventory, improve cash profits.”

In October 2006, the first phase of the index report by the Commerce Department officially drawn up and issued, the index is fully reflect the Composite Index of Yiwu small commodity prices and market economy to the level of activity.

Yiwu commodity supermarket of the world, With the lifting of the Yiwu index changes, but also attracted global commodity prices along with the “dance”.

Yiwu approved international trade of comprehensive reform, instant year, withstood the pressures of Yiwu, under the guidance of the pilot reform, anti-risk ability is significantly enhanced, Yiwu’s GDP, foreign trade and so showing a gratifying change.

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