Tourism Commodities Fair: In the market-oriented way steadily forward

After four days of intense negotiations transaction, the 4th China International Tourism Commodities Fair finally ended, participants audiences totaling 135,800 people, up by 15.47%; gross turnover of 3.096 billion yuan, the foreign trade turnover of 1.056 billion yuan. A new show in the new economic environment, the participants get enough to leave the aftertaste and expectations.

 The hand of the market Shoujin “Enhanced

  This term travel expo, although facing many changes in the economic environment, but the degree of marketization of the show a marked improvement. “Jiangqi Kang, secretary general of the China Tourism Association, this travel expo compared with the previous market a higher degree. According to him, the previous view, from the level of the State Board has strong government administration force participation.This term, this one below, but by the provinces and autonomous regions by the behavior of enterprises, starting from the market to participate in Exhibition, the effect is quite obvious. The country’s 24 provinces to organize a delegation of businesses, most of the exhibitors have good market-based businesses over the years, a booth of 262, including 45 in Beijing.

  The data show that this year’s Travel Fair 1387 by the number of market-oriented breeze booth, accounting for 66.1% of the total, an increase of 14.1 percent over the previous.

  It is understood that in the breeze this one, the “expertise” rising, mall exhibitions, the Exhibition of China, Bonnie’s three professional exhibition company as the main market of the breeze, adding 19 professional associations and chambers of commerce to participate in the formation of a strong strong breeze investment team.Market-oriented approach also has a new change, pre commissioned Shanghai Fang Zaihai outside promotion company foreign investment and have achieved good results.

  To Yiwu first ran the business, no business certainly not far away. “Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission’s Gold Award and stand top prize, said a Beijing to Yiwu Market the world’s attention, so this market are also many enterprises would like to actively participate in corporate initiative and enthusiasm.

 Show to lead the tourism market trends

  Go in the show, people can experience from a range of goods to this exhibition has a distinctive tourism product characteristics and rich tourist and cultural connotations, but also embodies the “new products, new technology, the new format features. Many participants said that these new changes and the momentum will lead the tourism product development, production, consumption trends and trend.

  It is reflected in this show, as the theme pavilion ecology, technology, environmental protection and wisdom travel four exhibition and tourism commodity Grand Prix exhibition is the most attractive place. Zhejiang Tourism Bureau, said an official wisdom tourism exhibition is a highlight of this year, the concentrated expression of the tourism e-commerce platform, navigation shopping guide system and screen conferencing systems, reflecting the new level of technology of the industry.China Tourist Commodities Competition exhibition brings together the national tourism goods boutique, and highlights the cultural content of tourism goods and design level, and thus represents a new trend in R & D, production and consumption of tourism commodities. As a result of these “new” participation, set the industry benchmark.

  Dry on the line of travel, this exhibition is no choice but to participate in the one surnamed Travel Fair “old customer” says, he is per game a must, every year, every year the harvest, “Only close to the market to go, in order to guard the checkpoint of the pulse, the business will be up to date. “

Trade and economic effect is the “last word”

  ”The show eventually landing in effect, many efforts to be reflected in the participation in the size and turnover.” Said a staff member to participate in the exhibition process, a lot of work to this exhibition for this purpose, a variety of ways to promote effectiveness.

  It is understood that this travel expo exhibitors, the majority of tourism products, travel goods manufacturer, more than 85% of booth as a commodity trading booths, so that will be conducive to the traders and manufacturers to directly negotiate the implementation of the source of procurement, reduce the intermediate links, so that exhibitors and buyers to get a more affordable, thereby effectively increasing the turnover rate.

  For this reason clear thinking, and thus the outward of this exhibition has improved significantly. It is understood that the buyers from over 90 countries including the United States, India, Sudan, Pakistan, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran and China Taiwan and other regions of the top ten countries and regions accounted for more than 40% while the number of overseas buyers reached 9216 people, an increase of 13.65% over the previous.

  In this exhibition, many merchants are “rewarding”: Tengchong jade “,” East Sea Crystal, Longling Huanglong, auspicious cottages “have a good harvest. Colored cabins beautiful home Home Co., Ltd. is a novel and unique style, attracting a large number of buyers, the show took more than 50 intent to purchase, valued at more than 50 million yuan.

  ”Travel Fair from small to large economic and trade has been great development.” In the summary of the outcome of the current trip Fair, a local official said, should summarize experiences, make persistent efforts to further enhance the size, grade. To further increase the investment breeze efforts to attract more domestic and foreign enterprises and famous brands, continue to walk the road of market-oriented, and constantly improve the professional level, and travel expo to a higher territory.

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