TSM Trading Company Return to Yiwu

Yesterday, reporters learned from the City of Economic Investigation Team, the boss of a company called TSM Trading Co., Ltd. to reflect the police, the company has basically paid the arrears in Yiwu market in January last year. If there is anyone who not get the money from this company, can reveal to the Economic Investigation Team to understand the situation, go to the company to obtain payment.
The name of the registration certificate of TSM Trading Co., Ltd. is Timsam Trade Co., Ltd. Yiwu office, the boss Belhaouaneraouf Tunisian businessman. It is understood that in the January 20, 2011, as the company’s chief representative Belhaouaneraouf but then the market supplier Bierbuxian owed more than 1500 million after payment of the market traders departure.
In mid-May this year, Belhaouaneraouf return to Yiwu, with translation, counsel to the Economic Investigation Team. The Tunisian businessmen, police said, when payment arrears merchants is because of the instability in their own country, the banks all closed, resulting in unable to pay. For the return Yiwu, he was ready to set up a new company, once established offices immediately to the Economic Investigation Team for the record.
In late January last year, TSM Trading Co., Ltd. boss chose departure from claiming back to Tunisia in order to raise funds. In December, the Tunisian political mutation, the boss will be in vain. This time, the owner of TSM willing to return to Yiwu paid was owed money for their trading businesses, in the midst of sadness. However, in the fortunate at the same time, the reporter reminded that the majority of businesses still have to do a “lessons learned”, can not be taken lightly.
Combined with experience in previous years, the Economic Investigation Team, said police, TSM Trading Co., Ltd., part of the trading companies, often happens to “run away” and then “turn back” the phenomenon of Yiwu. According to statistics, some of the trading company of such a phenomenon of more than 3 times. This reporter has learned that companies specific to the existence of such behavior are as follows: Sudan Haba Allah and Ardennes; Iran Madeleine trading company; International Pioneer Trading Company (located in Times Square, and person responsible for Mr. Lee).
To this end, the police reminded the majority of businesses in dealing with buyers, a lot of pay attention to eye, it is best to take the cash transactions, or at least receive a 30% deposit, as far as possible to reduce business risk.

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