Turnover of 4.5 billion yuan in Seventh China Yiwu Fair Exhibition

the 7th China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair yesterday at the International Expo Center down the curtain. According to the statistics of the Fair Executive Committee, this fair domestic and foreign businessmen to participate actively, exhibition turnover of 4.517 billion yuan, an increase of 11.2%, foreign trade turnover of 2.755 billion yuan, an increase of 10.69%. It is noteworthy that this exhibition from 117 countries and regions, 92 395 domestic and foreign buyers to the participants, including 5782 overseas buyers, overseas trade team 36.
The current Fair 3485 international standard booths, the exhibition area of ​​68,000 square meters, from 25 provinces (cities, districts) and eight foreign countries and regions, 1372 exhibitors. Third time to participate in the Fair Yiwu Shawn Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd. Design Director Liu Peilong excitedly told reporters: “Several days later, we gain not only orders, but also the feelings of cultural and creative, as well as the information of our customers . ”
According to reports, the grade of the current Fair has been improved significantly. 1610, a total of 425 enterprises show booth for special equipment, special booth accounted for 46% of the number of booths. 2012 China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo, invited the country’s 20 provinces (cities, districts) of about 400 non-material cultural heritage project. Exhibits a higher grade, of which 400 Zhejiang the celadon young ten renowned boutique, Zhejiang stone young ten renowned 200 fine. Jingdezhen ceramics boutiques, showcasing the famous ceramic works of masters and renowned ceramics company’s products. From the four days of the exhibition results, many with rich culture of art found in Yiwu market.
The more obvious, the current fair trade and economic effectiveness, the professional is more prominent. More than 80% of the exhibition booth as a commodity trading booths, more conducive to the traders to negotiate directly with manufacturers, to reduce intermediate links, the implementation of the source of procurement, so that exhibitors and buyers get more benefits. “We in this session of the Fair at 10 special booth very impressive addition to old customers to patronize, but also received several orders of intent from the European Union, the effectiveness is very obvious, which enhanced the company’s next step to develop new products of confidence, “Yiwu Xiangsheng Goods Co., Ltd. General Manager. Huangsheng Wei said.
Fair during the planning, a large number of economic and trade activities of the organization, also contributed to the upgrading of the exhibition trade and economic effectiveness. In addition, departments organized the “new painting” exhibition, the third “Chinese diplomats to see colorful world” photography exhibition, and other supporting activities, both express the cultural atmosphere of the exhibition highlights the cultural identity of the show.

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