Vice Governor Zheng Jiwei Visited Fotang Ancient Town

Recently, after participating in the opening ceremony of Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair, vice governor Zheng Jiwei came to Fotang Ancient Town to investigate the development and prevention of this ancient town. Mayor He Meihua and vice mayor Wang Ying accompanied him.

In 2009, Fotang Town implemented the prevention of ancient town according to the Trinitarian structure of ancient town culture, Buddhism culture and ancient house culture proposed by the municipal committee and municipal people’s government. Up to now, they have finished the projects of underground reforming in old street, recovering the floor and repairing the ancient houses along the two sides of the street. The project of recovering and afforesting the wharf of 1,000 meters long is close to completion. And some ancient houses have been repaired already.

Strolling through the winding old street, you can see crowded people, many stores along the two sides of the street, which makes a scene of prosperity. Looking up and far, you can see grey tiles, white walls, horse-head walls, carved tiles and stones with beauties leaned on, which appear indistinctly in the boundless crowd of people. All of this makes the distinctly atmosphere of ancient town and business atmosphere. Zhen Jiwei listened to the history of the town while walking in the street, and expressed his praise to the prevention work of the ancient town.

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