With a small button, spy on economic filled and failure

In the afternoon of April 23, the reporter went to the International Trade City three district Guo Adams shops, he was sitting outside the shop aisle chair, chatting with people. “You’re here, I have not seen this year, business is not good to see me in this chat with others.” Guo Sri Lanka has a good memory, still remember that in September last year, I once interviewed him.

Clearly remember the last interview, Guo Sri Lanka cell phone repeatedly ringing non-stop busy business. Guo Adams say more sales than the year before the ideal, we can imagine, the situation is even worse this year.

The Guo Adams more than 70% of the buttons are sold to foreigners. He said with emotion, the second half of last year, the store’s business has been declining. “Our large customers are basically the Middle East and other places, last year there the situation is chaotic and seriously affected my order.” Fortunately, Russia, Pakistan and other countries, increasing demand, the purchasing volume is increasing year by year, more or less fill the Middle East and other merchants “vacancies”. In addition, India the past two years, began to develop the domestic apparel manufacturing, the majority of garment accessories sourcing from China, including buttons.


In fact, the button with the domestic apparel industry is also closely related.“I have a client, many garment factories in Zhejiang province, he ran the sales have been good, every day, come and get to the point buttons, year down nearly 100 million in sales this year, customers decreased very significantly with the purchase amount, not to the tenth, estimated down to be two $ 300,000 a year are difficult. “say Guo Adams, he learned from the mouth of the merchants, large quantities of the surrounding counties small garment factories, workshops have closed, and some scale slightly larger garment factory due to recruitment difficulties and other issues are also downsizing. “Fashion can be considered a necessity, garment factory can not go with the market demand has a lot to the economic situation is not optimistic about it.” Guo Adams said, shaking his head.


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