Yiwu electricity supplier, the logistics of the storm

Released last year, e-commerce industry in 2011 for the annual trend of Yiwu: Yiwu 53,000 home appliance and commercial enterprises to create a strong industrial clusters; 1100 the average monthly trading volume of more than 100,000 yuan.

  There is no doubt that in recent years the development of e-commerce “blowout” directly contributing to the development of the express delivery industry. In 2002, the city only for the domestic express delivery company 3, two international courier companies. Today, nearly 20 well-known courier company doing business in Yiwu, four international express delivery company FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, do not fall in Yiwu “root”.

  The rapid growth of the courier business courier company in Yiwu is like living in “honeypot” in general. STO, for example, ten years ago, Shen Tong football in the city, however 600 single daily average has increased to a daily average of 250 000 single in 2010, the 2011 data and then climbed to a daily average of 35 million single. Even so, holidays, or electronic business platform to large-scale events, express delivery companies in Yiwu, is still faced with the embarrassment of a “critical position”. A football member told reporters: “in Yiwu (Express) were not worried about business, worry about is football to finish the business.”

  It is in this context, a surge of power are reluctant to see prices “undercurrent” is quietly surging. As a result, Yiwu electricity suppliers have been brewing for the “relocation tide, they will be moved to the delivery point to the surrounding counties and cities or further afield, in order to save on courier costs, and even had started” running away “.


  ”Logistics depression”

  Ye became a courier price Heights

  Yiwu logistics network throughout the country over 320 large and medium-sized cities has been basically constitute a huge logistics network. It can be said that in addition to the sea, whether on land or in the air, Yiwu logistics is second to none in the Zhejiang region. In recent years, Yiwu has committed to build the lowest cost, fastest, best quality, service best “logistics depression, coupled with the” Yiwu pilot “in the east, Yiwu logistics agglomeration advantages has been very prominent.

  However, the puzzle the Yiwu piece of “logistics depression, to express the average price than we have around the Dongyang, Pujiang, should significantly higher than the length, became a courier price” Heights “. Which is already thin profits the the Yiwu electricity providers, the advantages lost, back into the “burden”. Find another way out, naturally reasonable.

  However, we can not help but ask the: Yiwu electricity supplier “running away” What will the Yiwu market, form much of an impact? The results will not be Yiwu “invisible market” final nominal? I hope to stimulate the interest and attention of the relevant departments.

  Gone 3 times. “

  ”Express prices like the warm boiled frog, jumped up, electricity supplier helpless.” In the eyes of the electric providers Xu Qin-fang, she and a large number of electricity providers in the city would only be placed in warm water and simmer the “frog” .

  In 2008, Xu Qin-fang to join the e-commerce ranks, and the rapid growth of the scale with the help of Yiwu market supply and logistical advantages. Xu Qin-fang was optimistic about the favorable express price of the Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College, all express her customer service to the Business School packaged issued, “At that time, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the first weight is 3.5 yuan, the lowest of three yuan, then slowly rose to four yuan or even 5. “But even so, Xu Qin-fang or adhere to the shipments in the Business School, her dedication that express how prices, the school is still cheaper than outside.

  Xu Qin-fang of the business bigger and bigger, Taobao rose to the level of the “crown”, the daily hair pieces amount is also more than one hundred. “The courier will be based on how much extra hair pieces amount to give some concessions, such as last year, we shipped the first heavy price is 4.5 yuan, the small seller may be $ 5.”

  In the past few years, Yiwu Express has experienced a number of price adjustment in general every time price increases for 0.5 yuan. This seemingly small, but it really affect the choice of electricity suppliers. “I do not shop after graduation insisted for some time to give up.” Student Xiao Zheng said over the phone. Xiao Zheng main shop shoes, business the best of times, but one day dozens of single amount, Xiao Zheng and business students together to have a consensus: shop early are losing money earned crying. In other words, start at the beginning, is the purchase price even lower than the purchase price sales, so out of part of the profits from the delivery costs.

  ”In 2009, I issued tact express at that time the price is 3.5 yuan Jiangsu, Zhejiang, with buyers at 5 yuan or 6 yuan. Later, the first weight rose to 4.5 yuan, the price of our courier can not immediately change, so the profits will increasingly thinner. “After leaving the electrical district sub, Xiao Zheng said, when most worried about is to hear the message of courier prices.

  Tell Road, unknown surface by money

  Turning to prices, the power the king of Shang Jing Jing first thought is that the surface of a single money.

  Electricity providers Stone a “way of referring to Shen Tong, tact, pass, Remittance, and rhyme of 5 Express. 5 courier companies currently settled in the private express delivery companies in Yiwu, a stronger type. I do not know since when, which several courier companies putting forward proposals “face a single charge” argument, so a lot of power to it is a wonder.

  Xiaozheng first heard of the surface of a single money in 2009, when students shipments great because a lot of manual filling orders, and often wrong, face a single wasted. Later courier each face a single dollar fee, however, because it is a long-term cooperation, usually in the hair when the courier returned to the surface by money. “However, such a day disappear disappeared, the major courier companies gradually added charged the ranks of the surface of a single fee.

  The electric providers Jingjing said, courier fee charged surface has been some days, however, make her feel unreasonable, this side of a single money seems to be no uniform standards. Years after the courier door to embrace the pieces tell Jingjing need to increase 1 yuan face single money, and then the courier again face a single money increased to 2.5 yuan.

  This reporter call tact, the Shentong two courier company, the staff said to face a single charge already exists, the company charges each face a single dollar.

  Express the industry: the “price” in order to “control the amount of

  The reporter contacted in accordance with the contact information provided by the customer service personnel around the Yiwu, Dongyang, Pujiang. Accordingly, the reporter found that the city courier prices are significantly higher than surrounding counties and the city to express the price of the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and three ordinary parcels, an average of about one yuan / kg higher than Jinhua, Dongyang, Pujiang, to other provinces 1-3 yuan / kg higher. One kilogram or less parcels, for example, the same is sent to the shipment of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, of Shentong from Yiwu shipping heavy price of 9 plus 1 yuan face a single money, continued weight of 2 yuan per kg; from the River of the first re-eight yuan, the surface of a single fee of 1 yuan, added weight to 1.5 yuan. In addition, the Yuantong company’s offer was, Yiwu, the reporter sent to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the first re-eight yuan (including the surface of a single money), continued weight of 2; the Dongyang starting in continued heavy cheaper; Pujiang to offer is the first re , added weight of $ 1.

  An express delivery industry insiders told reporters: “price in order to control the volume of business.” The industry argument is billing the city express the amount of rows of the country top ten billing amounted to 450 000 in the second half of last year to express Day single. For such a massive courier business, coupled with the city is relatively complete distribution network and service system, courier companies every day in the case of “crying,” and “no contention” in overload operation. , The “appropriate price” can be part of the small sellers diversion to other courier companies.

  For this argument, in the the Dachen “excellent shark” does not agree with.“Excellent shark is the electricity provider in the” big “. “We now average daily hair pieces amount of about 9000 single, do activities, but also doubled.” Excellent shark “staff Huang Jian introduced. A large number of express orders correspond directly with the company’s courier expenses, according to data provided by the Huang Jian, “excellent shark monthly delivery costs about $ 1 million price after a month delivery costs an increase of 10 multi-million expenditure.

  Electric provider’s confusion: “running away” or “left behind”

  Express the price of high charges to the main network operators to move away from Yiwu, and removed from the network operators of Yiwu was a growing tendency. Dachen the Boser Horse Clothing Co., Ltd. average daily express pieces of the amount of more than 5000 single, 2010 Enterprise warehouse moved to Pujiang, delivery costs only a year to save the cost of more than 250 million yuan; the Taobao providers leading companies Golden Delicious seller “Tao Tao home” and “neighbor affordable Shop, the average daily hair piece volume more than 3000 single, and has now moved to Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

  Recently, engaged in domestic department store network operators the Zhouyi also have the intention of “running away”. The Zhouyi The company is located in Beiyuan, has been working with STO. By chance, Zhou Yi from a friend that the high express prices in Yiwu, after carefully compared, Zhouyi for the warehouse relocation some tempted. “Our company is a smaller profit margin business, courier fees, of course you could save the province.” Zhou Yi said, “As far as I know, not to mention the surrounding areas in Yiwu, in Hangzhou, shipping than Yiwu concessions.”

  Zhou Yi has been part of the business transferred to Hangzhou, only sources in Yiwu, a small part of the business to stay in Yiwu shipping. “Every month, apparently you could save a lot of money.” Zhou Yi seemingly vague answer, but revealed he is very convinced that their own choices is correct.

  ”Our company have plans to set up a shipping warehouse in Jinhua. Made Easy E-Commerce Co., Ltd. in Yiwu Wang Jingjing assure the reporter. According to Wang Jingjing Statistics, the company last year, the average cost of the courier business for 10 yuan / piece, Dongyang River and other delivery costs compared to 6 yuan / piece. A friend in Xi’an told her, Xi’an sent to the national average delivery costs 5 yuan / piece. Wang Jing Jing said: “average company every month to be out more than 100,000 pieces of express, each list can save four dollars, but also a small cost.”

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