Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition boost Commodity “going out”

PRC 2012 China Yiwu International Commodities Fair exhibition in Dubai (referred to as the “Yiwu Fair Dubai Exhibition”) will be held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from May 29 to 31.

  It is understood that the Fair exhibition in Dubai this year, international standard booths 50 exhibitors up to 40 exhibitors ranging from daily necessities, craft gifts, jewelry, accessories, knitting, metal, etc. Yiwu, a number of advantages of the industry. Yiwu Wo Qu crafts, plant is the show’s old customers, the company responsible Zhang Lili told reporters, it is to participate in the good results achieved by the exhibition, that makes them continue this year to enroll in the exhibit, after all, the Middle East is a big market, they look forward with go to a variety of crafts, where to find some new customers. Similarly, the Zhejiang Madden is also registered for the exhibition of a large company staff Nan also hope the trip to the Middle East be able to harvest full, he said, Dubai is an international trade, transit stations, where many days goods can radiate Middle East and beyond.

  In addition to the establishment of commodity exhibition, this Fair Dubai Exhibition Pavilion will also set up a 18 square meters, work desk, when accompanying staff do a good job Yiwu exhibitors services, will be distributed to the international merchants, Yiwu City , marketing, promotional materials of the exhibition of the Trinity, and vigorously promote Yiwu image and promotion of Yiwu market.

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