Yiwu Freight Index is officially released

Transportation Department of Zhejiang Province and Yiwu Municipal People’s Government held a joint press conference to officially release the transport sector road freight price index – Yiwu road freight price index, (hereinafter referred to as the “Yiwu Freight Index”). This index will serve as a road freight Weather Forecast broadcast on a regular basis, and is expected to grow on the land, the Baltic Freight Index.

Yiwu Freight Index is based on the characteristics of the road freight market of Yiwu City , Zhejiang Province, other freight in key cities, through the typical index to learn from various domestic and international experience of preparation, based on statistical indicators and statistical evaluation of theory, the data of the various transport routes in Yiwu collection and analysis, to select a range of indicators to reflect the operation of the the Yiwu road freight market an integrated manner, to form a reflection of the price of road freight, warehouse price and transportation market boom of the statistical system.

From the index price system, Yiwu Freight Index “line LTL heavy cargo, light cargo, vehicle transportation reference price for the logistics companies, drivers, shippers, and commodity market business households price reference, there are good practical . Index index system, the index is the index of economics, transport market sentiment index and price index to reflect market trends and operations for government departments to provide information, guidance significance.

Yesterday released the first phase April Yiwu transport market sentiment index, general cargo freight index and container freight index, 1124.72,103.14 and 106.74 respectively. According to industry analysts, “51”, “Ching Ming” two small holiday to bring to market a large number of hot spots of consumption, small commodity market activity, stimulate domestic and international transportation industry volume growth, enhance the transport market boom.

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