Yiwu good a lot of imported goods Museum

May 8, the reporter of China Commodity City in five districts of the International Trade City Museum of imported goods see, to purchase imported goods merchants shoulder one after another. On the end of the inaugural Yiwu Import Commodities Fair has attracted tens of thousands of merchants to come to visit, show effect has been gradually revealed, every day, many customers are attracted to the imports of the five District Museum, accelerate the construction of the “buy global, sell global” in Yiwu the strategic situation in the Museum of imported goods is playing an increasingly important role.

The person in charge of the Museum of Namibia, told reporters that their families year-round business in Namibia, also know a lot about the local mines. “A lucky coincidence, I see the Museum of imported goods investment, thought not as good as with the local resources into Namibia’s most distinctive products to Yiwu to sell.” Said the person in charge, directly from their place of origin of goods, reducing the intermediate links, the price of precious stones on the domestic market a lot cheaper.

In fact, in addition to the Museum of Namibia, and the other pavilions also distinctive and genuine. African ebony, red wine, Spain and France, the Italian clothing brands, the Japanese ceramic lacquer, etc., imported goods Museum brings together 83 countries and regions in the world 45,000 kinds of characteristics of goods. “There are a number of national parks and nature reserves, is the real original ecological …” LED screen to play South Africa, Northern Cape Province promotional video, so that the exhibition hall filled with rich exotic.

How to create a more distinctive Museum of imported goods, is the head of a theater in South Africa are thinking. The qualifications of the person in charge of the Museum of South Africa Master of Economic Management, has a deeper understanding of the many domestic markets. In his view, the proximity to the advantage of the Commodity City resources Museum of imported goods, how to take the forefront in the same market, the formation of brand worth considering.

South Africa Pavilion features black wood carvings are very popular

Red wine has become a major feature of the Museum of imported goods

“In particular, in the build of the features of the pavilions.” Person in charge of the Museum of South Africa said, such people think of France, will think of perfume, the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles. “If the various national pavilions can dress up to become a rich country style look, the Museum of imported goods is not just a market, you can also build a tourist attraction.”

In fact, Yiwu international trade city itself is a 4A grade scenic tourist area each year many tourists. “The Museum of imported goods may be able to play a more beautiful tourist card.” The person in charge admitted. Throughout the country from its opening in April last year to now, the customers of the South African Museum, South African products to enter millions of households. The South African Museum has formed a pattern of red wine-based, supplemented by Dr. Tea, beeswax, aloe vera gel and other products.

“Domestic consumer demand for imported goods, is growing year by year, this is the first big plus.” An industry source told reporters, In addition, the national balance of import and export policy, and Yiwu support on imported goods Museum have determined that the Yiwu import the commodity boom trend.

It is understood that the Mall Group to nurture and develop the Museum of imported goods on relevant policies and give great support. “Lower store rents, and there are some subsidies.” Market-related official told reporters, the establishment of the Museum of imported goods in Yiwu Market , provides high-quality exhibition platform for foreign products to enter the Chinese Market , Yiwu Market from a single export to the export, import and re-transformation and upgrading of the multi-trade, completed the transformation to “buy the whole country, selling the country to buy global, sell global”.

It is understood that after the first Yiwu Import Commodities Fair, the Museum of International Trade City, five imported goods will be the expansion, after the relevant audit procedures, some foreign firms have also expected the presence of imported goods Museum. By then, the number of goods of imported goods Museum more varieties richer. As an extension of the platform of the first Yiwu Import Commodities Fair, the International Trade City in the future five District Museum of imported goods is expected to become Yiwu Import Commodities Fair “never ending”.

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