Yiwu international dry port development expert consultation was held in Beijing

ointly prepared by the Ministry of Transport Planning Research Institute Institute for Strategic Studies and the National Development and Reform Commission of Foreign Economic Research, Yiwu International Miss Hong Kong Development and Planning Report is initially completed. To further enhance the level of report planning studies, May 14, the city held in Beijing , organized Yiwu International dry port development and planning “expert advice, at the national level leaders, experts over to help.

The meeting noted that the construction of Yiwu International Mainland and Hong Kong, is to implement the State Council on the comprehensive reform of the overall program of Yiwu International Trade is one important measure, help to further promote the international trade facilitation, it will drive the next period Yiwu logistics industry across development, development of logistics industry of the country inland city has a very important reference.

After listening to the reports on the situation, the leaders and experts believe that, Yiwu International dry port development and planning studies, starting from the global, forward-looking, strategic and coordinated perspective, comprehensive plan to solve the “coastal” Yiwu how to develop international logistics, reasonable research methods and technology roadmap, objectives, tasks, clear, and feasible measures steps. Also recommended, Yiwu International dry port development planning studies should be based on the present and look to the future, inviting sound strategy, learn from the advanced achievements of all can learn from science to determine the objectives, tasks and strategic focus, to connect the whole country and global international land port for the promotion of Yiwu the city played an active role; further concentration of the logistics enterprises, improve the logistics chain, the development of modern logistics industry build logistics Heights, and the formation of the logistics development in favor of customs clearance, large circulation pattern.

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