Yiwu into Indian jewelry suppliers of raw materials suppliers

A phenomenon caused by the jewelry industry concern: a growing number of Indian traders came to Yiwu, the finished product is not intended to purchasing jewelry, but the procurement of parts or manufacturing machines. “For them, Yiwu has more of a raw material supply base.” The industry’s concerns, the rise of the Indian jewelry industry, will further “eating” the global order of Yiwu jewelry , squeezing the living space of the relevant companies.

[India merchants: bypassing jewelry finished suppliers

India’s population is second only to China, jewelry consumer market considerably. Sitting in his office is located in Changchun, Shami even quipped: “as one of the world’s largest gold consumer, India, women like to wear and collection of gold jewelry is notoriously and now the price of gold is so high, false gold jewelry in India is also very popular. ”

Many Indian businessmen had come to Yiwu, the purpose of purchasing jewelry finished. In 2078, Shami is a middleman. Finished supply organization in Yiwu jewelry , and then sent to India by their merchant distributors.

However, in recent years, Shami began bypassing the finished product suppliers in Yiwu. “India’s jewelry industry developed, so I need to purchase only jewelry accessories,” Shami said.

Found that the new changes and new business opportunities in Indian than Shami. The person in charge of the translation company in Yiwu, said in an interview with reporters yesterday, the past three years, they ushered in more of the same as Shami Indian customer. “At present, more than 70% of Indians in Yiwu, purchasing jewelry accessories, rather than finished products,” said Shami.

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