“Yiwu Port” sailing

8 o’clock in the morning and out of “Yiwu Port” vehicles will be more and more together, the beginning of this staff busy day. May 17, the reporter went to an interview with the “Yiwu Port” in the Silver Sea Road and Port Road intersection, the way I saw that big 24-storey silver building is spectacular.

  The building is the “Yiwu Port” an office complex. In October last year, “Yiwu Port” an officially put into use. As an important part of comprehensive reform of international trade, the city is accelerating the construction of the international land port city, Yiwu into port function of the port of destination, the port of origin, so Yiwu small commodities and production of radiation international and domestic, gathering information logistics nodes of the Yangtze River Delta cities.Today, a project of “Yiwu Port” put into use, will make the Yiwu from the international land port city, is a step closer.

  ”In fact, the design of the upgraded version of ‘Yiwu to Hong Kong’ is the ‘international logistics center’ with the city’s export volume rose, Yiwu International Logistics Center, the annual export of 100,000 TEUs far can not meet market demand. ‘Yiwu to Hong Kong’ After the completion of the twelve will be able to meet the export volume of 1.1 million TEUs. This project is a the Yiwu pilot infrastructure, promote the development of the international logistics industry in the city, open up a convenient and efficient logistics and exit routes to far-reaching. ” Transport Development Corporation, the construction of inland port station, deputy director of Fu Dongsheng told, “Yiwu Port” and the International Trade City is only 1 km away, surrounding the integrity of the Avenue, Yinhai Road, West Road, criss-crossing the main road, convenient traffic, locational advantages, obvious.

  Logistics Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Deco last year stationed in the “Yiwu Port”, not only rented the office floor as office space, but also storage area rented several units used for temporary storage of goods and packing operations. According to general manager Jin Dabo, before the company’s offices and storage areas far away from the office to the storage area processing point things get through half of the city, very inconvenient. “The office environment and storage conditions much better than before, convenience, and foreign business negotiations.

  First-class facilities and gradually matching the one-stop service, greatly facilitate the business operators, and from the International Trade City is so close, foreign procurement, loading, inspection is very convenient. “According to reports, a” Yiwu Port “project warehouse, office has been very sought-after warehouse of 136 enterprises settled in the current and general office is settled in 98, including six of the world’s leading shipping companies.

  Economical and intensive land “Yiwu Port” in the design of the initiative “in the air to land. Similar projects have been completed and domestic inland port, “Yiwu Port” is the only container truck can be open to the warehouse floor, according to the conventional two-tier storage, saving at least 360 acres of land. Not only that, the load bearing capacity of their warehouse in a leading position in the country.Warehouse lane maximum span of 26 meters, load-bearing capacity of more than 65 tons, which means that the 65-ton container trucks can directly open to the warehouse floor, the body length of 18 meters of container trucks can be easily poured into parking spaces.

  It is reported that, “Yiwu Port” a project covers an area of ​​394 acres, investment of about $ 14.5 billion, including a construction area of ​​350,000 square meters three-storey three-dimensional warehouse and the two supporting Services Building, to meet the 494 container trucks loaded at the same time box operation, a project designed annual container export volume of 500,000 TEUs.

  Today, the two projects “Yiwu Port” stepping up its construction is in full swing. It is understood that the “Yiwu Port Phase II Project covers an area of ​​656 mu, total construction area of ​​430,000 square meters, the investment budget of 1.683 billion yuan. The two project contains the Customs surveillance zone, the country seized control area and storage area. Among them, the Customs surveillance zone civil works was started in early April, the two regulatory areas is expected to be put into use before the end of the year; two storage areas, including a three-tier three-dimensional warehouse with the winding mountain path, plans to start construction this year.

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