Yiwu received new credit of 10 billion yuan

Economic downward pressure on the larger, the size of credit is still tight circumstances, Hangzhou Branch of China CITIC Bank from the head office to secure a quarter of six billion yuan line of credit, much higher than the scale of 1.5 billion yuan last year. Meanwhile, the bank further optimize the allocation of credit resources, outstanding support efforts to increase the real economy of the province. Governor Wang Elijah said, Yiwu is one of the SME gathering place, at the same time undertake the important task of the international trade of comprehensive reform, increase the financial support of Yiwu’s economy, not only helping local small and medium-sized enterprises development, but also effectively support the real economy relying on the commodity market platform.

Ensure effective delivery of credit. CITIC Bank set up Yiwu branch from the bank put a full 13% of the credit line “cake” cut to Yiwu, and secure the tilt of the head office policy, Yiwu branch of deposit and lending of up to 100%, was increased to 105% The city joint-stock commercial banks, savings and loan institution of the highest proportion. This and from the institutions set up to start the county level Yiwu Branch upgraded to a branch, and is intended to further broaden the coverage of China CITIC Bank to the credit of the local real economy. To this end, China CITIC Bank specially formulated boost Yiwu three-year plan of the comprehensive reform of international trade, depends on the group financial holding platform edge, comprehensive reform pilot construction of Yiwu International Trade offers a full range of integrated financial services, the next few years to add to Yiwu The total credit of not less than 10 billion yuan.

Increase support to SMEs. China CITIC Bank, following the establishment of the country’s first financial center of regional small business small business financial center in Zhejiang in Hangzhou, the first time under stretch the establishment of CITIC Bank Yiwu small business financial business center, purpose-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small micro corporate finance services more segmentation and specialization, but also more targeted. On this basis, the bank focus on SME financing, difficult to guarantee, has launched a patent pledge loan, commercial bank loans “and other innovative financing business, which corresponds to a small micro-enterprise” short, small, acute , frequency of “financing” appetite “. The first quarter of this year, total new loans of 1.371 billion yuan.

Good protection of the key projects and key industries. With the gradual warming of the comprehensive reform pilot of Yiwu International Trade, China’s auto parts headquarters project, Yiwu Economic Development Zone, the headquarters economic projects, the project of international production market, Commodity City e-commerce development projects, a number of large projects, large platforms have settled in Yiwu . China CITIC Bank in addition to the specific project funding needs, with the foot, good use of 10 billion yuan new loan size will also actively fight to the head office of special credit scale afterburner support the construction of these major projects.

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