YIWU S&G 2012 to be held in November

China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Sewing Machinery & Equipment (“YIWU S&G 2012”) and The 13th China (Yiwu) International Exhibition on Hosiery, Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing Machinery (“YIWU H&G 2012”) will be staged at Yiwu International Expo Centre on 27-30 November 2012.The shows will produce huge synergistic effect in industry and offer an one-stop sourcing platform for buyers from different sectors of textile and garment industry via several theme zones , where buyers and enterprises will have broader vision, renew their ideas, learn more about the market and look for new business opportunities.

Moreover, YIWU S&G 2012 will provide exhibitors with a high-efficient and practical trading platform and more cooperation opportunities. Enterprises that have reserved booths include New Jack, BEP, Kingtex, Topcut-bullmer, Oshima, INA, Ming Jiang, Garment Master, etc. The organizer has the honor to invite Shanghai Yin Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Yiwu HBT Science & Technology Co., Ltd to be the strategic partners of YIWU S&G 2012.

In face of the weak US stock market, the debt crisis in Europe and other complicated international issues, many domestic garment and textile enterprises would like to upgrade, transform and launch new products with high added-value and technology. They have an urge to speed up to introduce advanced equipment and technology in their production line. Besides, due to financial crisis, some overseas markets are declining, sewing machinery market in China has become the focus of domestic manufacturing enterprises as well as foreign brands and suppliers. Therefore, it is imperative for them to attend professional exhibitions held in China.

Yiwu is the largest distributing center of small commodities in the world. The clothing, garment accessories and fabric, luggage and bags, hats and shoes, gloves, scarves and embroidery are the pillar industries in Yiwu. At present, there are over 32,000 booths for different sectors such as textile, garment, fabric and accessories for bag and luggage in Yiwu, making up 55% of the total booths in Yiwu market. From Jan-Feb 2012, the total import and export value of the foreign trade in Yiwu reached USD 520 million with a year-on-year growth at 8.7%. Among them, the export of clothes and garment accessories still holds a commanding lead with a total value of USD210 million , accounting for 45% of the total export values of Yiwu.

The mature Yiwu’s market has paved the way for the development of sewing machinery enterprises in Yiwu. Along with Yiwu’s powerful influence, exceptional customer group and superb foreign trade platform, it will shape Yiwu as the top choice for enterprises to expand their business in domestic and international market.

YIWU S&G 2011 has attracted the participation of Shanghai Yin Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Ruiying Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., Yiwu HBT Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Yiwu Hengtong Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., Yiwu Whole Set Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., Yiwu Yijia Daily Necessities Co., Ltd., New Jack, Topcut-bullmer, Oshima, Yiwu Dahe Knitting Co., Ltd., INA, Garment Master, Kingtex, LIH CHIH Electric Co., Ltd., KINGRING and other enterprises and brands.

hey followed closely the development trend of the industry and seize the opportunities to exhibit their leading products and technologies via the exhibiting platform.

Most of the enterprises highly appreciated the outstanding result of the show and pledged that they would continue to support next show, some even planned to expand the exhibition areas. Mr. Wang Guoguang, General Manager of Yiwu HBT Science & Technology Co., Ltd. mentioned that the company would lead its agent brands “Yin” and “Yijia”, etc. to provide one-stop onsite service of garment automation equipment and whole plant planning.

It is expected that Yiwu HBT will expand their exhibiting area to 300-400 sqm at 2012 show. Mr. Liu Chaoliang, General Manager of Yiwu Hengtong Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd. said that their exhibiting area in 2012 would be doubled on the original 135 sqm.

Due to its splendid reputation, YIWU H&G 2011 (concurrently held with YIWU S&G) has been glittered and caught attention in the industry. The exhibiting area of YIWU H&G 2011 reached 9,000 sqm and showcased around 400 high-tech machinery and technology by 152 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions including Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, PR China, Switzerland, Taiwan Province and Turkey.

Online Visitor Pre-registration Now Opens! For more information, please visit official show website: or contact Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd.

YIWU S&G 2012 is organized by China Commodities City Group Co. Ltd. and Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd., co-organized by Yiwu International Expo Centre.

YIWU S&G 2012
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