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And Hangzhou , Yiwu West Lake, and Anhui Province, Yiwu Huang Shan, there is no “water” and “Mountain”, Yiwu, the use of a variety of commercial means to cultivate and integrate a new attraction – shopping tourism. In this flagship of shopping tourism, around the imported goods while increasing the formation of “international scenic spots” began to emerge, this is the 4th Yiwu Travel Fair will be held in Yiwu International Expo Center on May 24 of the most anticipated excitement Point one.
Imported goods to the formation of the “international scenic

Recently, Yiwu has organized a briefing of the Travel Fair. The meeting announcement, Yiwu travel expo this year to continue to fight the “international card”. France, Canada, the Netherlands, South Korea this year’s Travel Fair exhibitors. “Travel Fair breeze staff told reporters, imported goods show emphasis on Europe and the United States, based on past experience, Chinese consumers can not see the door buy pure foreign goods, which has become Yiwu Travel Fair “signature moves”.

Goods of foreign countries or regions enthusiasm of exhibitors, does add a lot to travel expo fineness original interpretation connotation gives the impression of cheap small commodities has been updated. Insiders said that the bold Pathfinder Nuggets Chinese Market for imported goods, based on the maturing of the channels and exhibition platform of imported goods, imported goods in product positioning and sales mix innovation, the concept of “international scenic tourism consumption It is in this context surfaced.

Recalling the 2011 China International Tourism Commodities Fair, showing further expand the exhibition scale, more and more high grade, bright spot more and more three main features, noteworthy is that the previous exhibition in addition to the country’s 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities including Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, all the exhibitors, there are 131 enterprises in 36 countries and regions such as Japan, Korea, the United States, Turkey, Tanzania, enrollment 242 booths. Show the total turnover of 3.078 billion yuan, the foreign trade turnover amounted to 1.289 billion yuan.

The international area “is expected to become the new attraction of the International Trade City

Closely related to the tourism and commodities, China Yiwu International Tourism Commodities Fair is undoubtedly the difference between the value channel. Show integrity affects the effect on the local economy is increasingly prominent, took a fancy to this “indeed affect the whole association, Yiwu exhibition industry and commodity economy can be described as starring in Yiwu” fabricated “and” inexplicable, “the legendary . “Travel Fair” held for the third national exhibition of imported goods to the international brand entry point of the scenic show Yiwu imported goods Museum behind the much larger and complete exhibition platform. At present, the Museum of imported goods in Yiwu classification theme of food, handicrafts, daily necessities and services, supplies, etc., in the First Import Commodities Fair held last month attracted more than 80 countries and regions, exhibitors, become a veritable “global trading” .

“African ebony, red wine, Spain and France, the Italian clothing brands, the Japanese ceramic lacquer, etc., imported goods Museum brings together 83 countries and regions in the world 45,000 kinds of specialties.” A the Yiwu senior tourism planners told reporters that if the Museum of imported goods in accordance with the different theme, clever planning and the series combination, to create the functional atmosphere of the two major themes of commerce and shopping tourism, with the international exhibition to enhance the brand influence, “international scenic spot” is bound to promote the tourism industry in Yiwu have far-reaching impact.

Last year, Chinese travel agencies organizing people travel Travel Expo activities, the highlights of travel expo, including a feature attractions imported goods exhibition. The reporter was informed that the fourth brigade Fair will continue to be open to visitors, and a certain area of ​​retail trading. 2007, Yiwu has been named China’s Excellent Tourism City, Yiwu International Trade City National Tourism Administration awarded the honorary title of China’s first AAAA level shopping tourist area; to Yiwu shopping more and more tourists think is a stylish travel.

Today, the “Commodity oceans, a shopper’s paradise” has become synonymous with prosperity, civilization Yiwu, I believe that the imported goods as the core area will keep people stop, and happy shopping.

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