Zhejiang bank channels to solve the financing difficulties of roots in small micro-financial services

This year, the face of the complex economic and financial situation and tougher financing environment of small enterprises, Zhejiang banks adhere to the strategic positioning of services to small businesses, franchise concept is to further deepen and strengthen the guidance, strengthen business innovation Duocuobingju effort Support for small businesses. As of the end of March 2012, the row of single-family 500 million and small business loans reached 35.84 billion yuan, nearly 23 percent in the proportion of the whole bank loans.

  Small business franchise model successfully copied

  From the establishment of the first small businesses franchise branch – Hangzhou west Branch began in 2006, Zhejiang banks in recent years has been focused on building a small business franchise business organization system of franchised branches, specialty branches and franchised sector. Among them, specializing in sub-branches only run small businesses, business, personal business, supplemented by large and medium-sized companies do not operate the business; characteristics of sub-branches require a small proportion of their business to higher, the obvious characteristics; franchise sector is the professional management of small businesses set up at the branch level and individual business in the marketing department.Successful exploration of the small business franchise mode while in Zhejiang province, the bank, the rapid spread of the copy to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. Today, Zhejiang bank’s small business franchisees of 58 franchise sub-branches 17, 31 characteristics of sub-branches, 10 of the franchise sector, small business franchise organizations, accounting for nearly 75% in the total number of branches of the Bank.

  To further enhance the replicability of the franchise mode in the country, to reach more small businesses, since 2011, Zhejiang Bank to implement the classification in stages to promote the strategy and standardized management as the starting point, and actively promote the business of the whole line of small business loans to small businesses the bank’s restructuring and upgrading. According to the Bank small business franchise management experience, the development path, and regional characteristics, the bank small business franchise organizations are divided into lay a good foundation of, do the large scale of the transformation and upgrading of three stages, clear objectives and priorities of the various stages of franchisee of the different stages of implementation of the classification guide and standardize management, supporting the assessment of policies and financial products to further enhance the relevance and flexibility of services to small business customers. The franchise mode in the country’s successful replication, and laid a the CZB small business financial services professional status, also created the preconditions for the crack of small business financing problems.

  Professional process to enhance the processing efficiency

  The CZB implement professional business processes of small businesses. According to the characteristics of small business business, business type and degree of risk, the bank small business credit business is subdivided into A, B, C, D, four types of design appropriate operating procedures and approval process, so that all kinds of business like a car, respectively highway, national highway, provincial highway and county road diversion, speed naturally accelerated; and the line pilot standard management efficiency of all aspects of the operation process, enhance the sense of service of the operator, real fast approval, fast payment. Such as “convenience credit” products launched last year, can refer to small business customers to meet the requirements to apply for a loan of company background information and process requirements for personal business loans do, thereby greatly reducing the complexity of business operations, more pragmatic, from customer a few days to complete the whole process of application to credit approval. Approval is easy, fast, the product has been welcomed by customers, the end of March this year, a total of more than 400 families of small business customers to apply to nearly 900 million yuan in loans, an increase of 25.6% compared with the beginning of the year.

  The same time, the CZB according to the different level of development of regional economic and credit environment, the different branches of the management level, risk control and the degree of risk of the different credit products, the implementation of differentiated authorization management, small business loan approval granted full franchise agency heads, to allow part of the business delegation of the implementation of risk control officer accreditation system. To the head office is responsible for risk control officer, in charge of accredited unit of risk management, the exercise of the right of credit veto and risk monitoring. Full authorization and implementation of the system of risk control officer to effectively solve the problem to improve efficiency and risk control, to make small business loans more simple and efficient.

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