Why Yachina is the Best Agent in Yiwu

There are many advantages to working with us than any other Yiwu agents:


First and Foremost, We are honest!  99% of yiwu agents, take hidden kickbacks from the suppliers who have to add that on top of your price.  That’s the very reason they are able to offer absurdly low commission of 1%-2%. You are a wise businessman and put yourself in the shoes of an agent. If you were in agent business, will you be able to survive such low commission and make enough to feed all your employees?  If they are not making enough on commission, they have to be making money elsewhere!

We are not middle man: We ARE the manufacturers and suppliers direct. We are a representative company created by all our member suppliers. Individually, we are small, but collectively, we can have the resources to compete in the global market and provide buyers with better goods and services. Yachina.com is the best yiwu agent in yiwu market.

We are impartial: All of our member suppliers are equal and have equal access to buyers. We match suppliers with buyers solely based on the requirements of specific sourcing needs, without considering kickbacks or commission. So buyers can always get the best products for THEM, not what’s best for the agent. Yachina.com is the best yiwu agent in yiwu market.

We are selective: We don’t just work with any suppliers. We only work with quality ones. There are thousands of sellers in Yiwu and even more in China. Thousands of manufacturers and direct vendors are now selling in the Yiwu Market, and it takes over 150 days  to visit all the wholesale stalls with only 1 minute stay at each stall. We help you identify the best quality and value. We have a huge and growing supplier base. Buyers can source from everything to anything with us, making yaChina a real one-stop portal to all your sourcing needs.  Yachina.com is the best yiwu agent in yiwu market.