Yiwu Products available | Products in Yiwu

 Kinds of commodities you can easily source from Yiwu:  kindly be Reminded it’s just a small list of all 300 thousand varieties goods/ products you can get from Yiwu.
Jewelry & Fashion Accessories
Clock & Watches
Dollar store item, Dollar items, One dollar items, one pound shop items, 99 cents store items, products for Discount Department Stores/closeout stores, extreme value retailers, gift shops, and pet stores
Kitchenware & Houseware
 Bags & Case
Oil painting & Frame
Arts & Crafts
Handy Tools & Hardware
Daily Use consumer goods
Toys:  plush toys, plastic toys, inflatable toys, electronic toys, wooden toys etc
Electrical & Electronic appliance.
 Stationery & Sports Items
 Underwear & Socks
 Scarf & Shawl, textile, tie & garment
Thread & band
 Hosiery & Knitting cotton
 Glasses and Optical Equipments
Artificial Plants & Flowers
 Umbrellas, raincoat & Tents
 Key Chains & Mobile Phone Cover
 Shoes & Slipper

All of these can be sourced from many different specialized markets and the key Futian Market


Stall layout and product categories of Yiwu Futian Market, the key market in Yiwu, along with many other specialized markets in Yiwu. 

1.Socks & Stocking market or named knitting market,about 3000 booths
2.Underwear market,about 200 shops
3.Scarfs & Gloves market,about 1500 shops
4.2 Daily-use markets,about 2000 booths & shops
5.Garments market,about 1000 booths
6.Towel market,about 200 shops
7.Necktie market,about 200 shops
8.Bedding market,about 300 shops
9.Lighter & shaver market,about 300 shops
10.Crafts market about 2000 shops
11.Artifical flowers & garden decoration market,about 1000 shops
12.Toy market,about 6000 shops
13.Imitation jewelry & hair ornament market,about 7000 shops
14.Shoe market,about 500 booths and shops
15.Glasses Market,about 200 shops
16.Stationery market,about 3000 shops
17.Bags & baggage market,about 2000 shops
18.Cosmetic market,about 800 shops
19.Zipper market,about 300 shops
20.Fabric market,about 100 shops
21.Hardware & handtool market,about 2000 shops
22.Electric & electronic,about 1000 shops
23.Kitchenware market,about 300 shops
24.Clock & watch market,about 400 shops
25.Photo frame & picture frame market,about 500 shops
26.Raincoat & umbrella market,about 400 shops
All these specialty markets are within 5 mile driving distance. If you plan to personally visit China to source any products from them, we’ll be glad to guide you through these markets. Or you can sit comfortably at your home or office and send us your orders. We can act as your purchasing agent in yiwu — it’s like you’re personally IN yiwu without having to be here.

Tip: Yiwu, the China international commodities City, is famous for its yiwu product wholesale. Yiwu prodcuts are availale in the yiwu futian markent and other specialized yiwu markets. Products in yiwu cover dollar item/ one dollar items from yiwu China, Cosmetics, Toys, Jewelry & Fashion Accessories, Underwear etc. The yiwu futian market is like a year long fair, however, do not confuse the market  with yiwu fair or YIWU INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES FAIR hold once a year in october. We act as China Purchasing agent for products in yiwu China during the fair and year long.
We are specialised in many products from yiwu China, including:  China dollar item|one dollar items in China,Jewelry, home decor|decoration, art craft and frames, cosmetics,houseware, kitchenware, socks, bag,shoes, garment, cell phone accessory. We have partnered with wholesalers and distributers of dollar items and general consumer goods in the U.S. to offer offshore sourcing services from Yiwu China, enabling you to purchase from yiwu wholesale markets directly, it’s like your own purchasing office in China