Why Yiwu Markets

What’s so different about Yiwu and Yiwu markets?

1. At yiwu markets, you can find virtually any thing you could see or imagine on earth. Of all the 500,000 varieties of goods in the world identified by the UN, well over 300 thousand varieties are available in the Yiwu Markets. See a partial list of products that can be sourced from Yiwu.

2.Most yiwu market vendors are factory direct, which enables you to enjoy super low ex-factory or ex-works prices.

3. Unlike Guangzhou or Dubai, where buyers usually are required to buy container loads of goods to receive favorable pricing, minimum quantity in Yiwu starts only with 1 carton, and yet you still receive wholesale prices.

4. Yiwu market products are perfect for supermarkets, dollar stores. Yiwu is THE best place to source dollar store item, Dollar items, One dollar items, one pound shop items, 99 cents store items, products for Discount Department Stores/closeout stores, extreme value retailers, gift shops, and pet stores. With lower MOQ of 1 carton, we can help you consolidate more than 200 varieties of goods into a container. Many buyers find yiwu to be THE best paradise for one dollar items, dollar store items or 99 cents store items.

5. Driving distance to all factories and showrooms. Yiwu boasts an aggregate market floor area of 2.6 million square meters with 53,000 booths and 160,000 people engaging in business. The whole city IS the wholesale market itself with factories in the suburban areas.

6. OEM welcome at yiwu market. Factories here are very accommodating and willing to accept small OEM orders.

 7. Yiwu markets has very friendly government and regulations for international trade. Yiwu government is among the most open and friendly in China. Foreign traders are welcomed and given full support here.

8. Yiwu has plenty of accommdations and dining places for your business and leisure. There’re over 500 hotels and restaurants in the yiwu city. Many ethnic food restaurants are easily found, including Asian, Muslin, Western etc.

9. Yiwu market’s strategic location for logistics and freight forwarding.  Only 2 hours to Ningbo Port and 4 hours to Shanghai.

Yiwu Map China
YIwu China Map