Yiwu Purchasing Agency

Yiwu agent/Yiwu purchasing agent in yiwu market

If you are planning to visit Yiwu, China, this service is for you.

 Are you still being taken advantage by those 1% commission agents?  Be WARNED of these 1% agents, who take at least 10%-20% kickbacks behind your back! It doesn’t take much brain to figure out that who would run a business on 1% profit.  When something is too good to be true, normally, it ISN’T ! 1% looks very enticing, but think twice! You are paying much more in the end! If they’re not making enough on commission, where else do you think they are making money? Unlike most agents in Yiwu, we offer only straight deals and honest services.

They all claim to be “No.1” or best agent in Yiwu. Just see who we areand talk to us. You will know who’s really the BEST.

We can help you 

    • Plan your trip to Yiwu and other cities in China
    • Pick you up at the yiwu airport/bus/train stations
    • Reserve yiwu hotels at deep discounts, Book your return air tickets at discount prices
    • Yiwu Wholesale markets tour guiding
    • interpretation and negotiation with sellers for lowest prices. Unlike most other Yiwu agents, we do NOT take any kickbacks from any sellers.  
    • Receive and warehouse goods you purchase from sellers 
    • Quality inspection of goods received, quantity check against invoices




 Our service fees are either a small percentage of your total goods value or a fixed rate per container. Our commission rate is the lowest, from 1% only. You may receive free zero commission service if you meet certain conditions.  Contact us for more details.

 Most of our buyers find it costly and unnecessary to personally come to Yiwu for sourcing, they only take personal trips to Yiwu once or twice a year. After they depart from Yiwu, they can still make ongoing orders through us. If you’re in need of this service, please check out our offshore sourcing services.

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