Anti Covid-19 Products

covid-19 ncov coronavirus protection

For Yachina, business is not always about profit. There are times when we all have to work for a higher cause, and this is such time now. We are all in this together to fight the coronavirus, and we are all connected. For qualified buyers of Covid-19 protection related products, we will waive our commission. During this time, we suggest buyers avoid nonessential travels and let us handle the purchasing for you in China.

Please contact us for a quote of these covid-19 ncov coronavirus protection products. Click on them for more product details. 

All in stock and ready for delivery. Best price and quality. 

In any given month before Nov. 2019, buyers woo sellers for orders. The table has turned. Now we are facing the new normal. With the worldwide shortage, buyers are fighting to get these highly demanded products and in many case, have to put 50%-100% down to get their order confirmed. Stock is hard to come by and production space is fully booked. But YaChina like always is able to find the source and secure the products for our buyers. 

11/20 UPdate: As China ramps up production capacity and the quell of coronavirus in China, prices are almost back to pre-covid normal level now.  Shipping rate is still steep due to limited international shipping capacity. 

03/27  Delay Alert: As China starts suspending many international flights today, we expect more bottleneck in courier and air shipping. We are experiencing delays to European destinations already.